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  1. Looking for fulltime Developers who I am able to build up trust with. We pay our Developers upfront and monthly. Our payment ranges round 10k to 50k a month we will also pay upfront. We are looking only for skilled developers who have more than a year of experience. Current Project: https://www.roblox.com/games/6494331386/Resonance-Roleplay?refPageId=5449ef08-7d94-47a2-8bbe-6b0190d46878 Discord: smukiez#0443 Roblox: SMKsmukiez
  2. Introduction: Hey I'm Smukiez looking for experienced Builders & Modelers I'm going to be straight forward and say I am not looking for anyone that has less than 2 or so years of experience. My last projects gained a lot of attention and revenue because of the creativity of the project. I'm mostly looking for fulltime developers as well if you become fulltime I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I have for games. But also benefit a lot from not just gaining more money and hanging out with the project, but also getting more of the attention the game itself will draw. Task: Either
  3. O.o#6958 Contact Information
  4. ONLY LOOKING FOR DEDICATED AND QUALITY DEVELOPERS I'm working on a project as I know how to script but I have a problem with map creating. I'm looking for someone to help me make a well detailed urban town. It would be even better for you to be a full time developer as I've been bringing the project up to others which is already half way into beta stage. And 95% of the people I've asked our interested so I'm looking for someone to help make the game more professional.
  5. How much are you paying?
  6. " Builders! " So I'm looking for developers to help me with a game idea I'm working on I'm a decent / skilled scripter. I would say and I'm trying to recreate a DarkRP Gmod style game. I've already scripted some of my gun scripts with Realistic Chambering, Shell Ejecting, And ETC. But! I suck at modeling, animating, and map making. I'm looking for full time Developers that could help. Or one time developers. I can pay you a decent amount of robux, feature your work, support you, admin you, or do all of them!
  7. You could make some [ Content Deleted ]ing amazing realistic water terrain with math.noise if you tried.
  8. Discord CoopDeDoop#6958 Roblox DogCooper Sorry I didn't add this
  9. I'm looking for developers who can recreate the GTA San Andreas Map! Needed Things. I only need two types of houses that you can copy and paste I need a house with a porch. And a house without a porch they both need to be designed off ghetto style houses. for the realism feel. I need all the buildings you make to be grouped cloned and moved under the map so I can make more area in the future. I need 6 types of main buildings. I need a highschool, gun shop, apartment, police station, prison and bank. I only do paid after if you don't accept that don't messag
  10. Over Priced. Start with a smaller Price
  11. If you know how to use Blender message on Discord or Roblox DogCooper, Coopdedoop#6958. Blender users need skill and actual know how to use it and render it into roblox. So Its use able. CODING. Coding is a higher pay but you need to know what your doing not standing there watching a tutorial video being paid for that. You need to know how to script AND Animate R15 Players. with Filtering Enabled Message Me For more information and pay. Coding = PAID AFTER TESTED AND IT WORKS Blender = PAID AFTER MADE OR HALF BEFORE HALF AFTER
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