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  1. @Best I enjoyed working with you too. Ps: My discord is still the same.
  2. Contact Information Discord - Paige#3587 Instagram - @paige_si Roblox - The_Arcanist (if you use this method, I don’t accept random friend requests. Instead, message me).What you're Selling: What I am selling is custom music for your game. I produce almost all genres, and I write lyrics and sing them. I have worked with many professional developers. Such as making music for Super Power Training Simulator, King of Pirates, and a new game that I cannot speak of but is made by a famous dev.A Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: Price: 1k robux for every 30 seconds. I am professional. Willing to lower price depending on order!
  3. Contact: Discord: Paige#3587 Roblox: The_Arcanist Task: I am buying a training center. This must include a stage for the Host and Co-Host, an area for trainees to sit, and a place where I can import the items that the trainees will train with. Payment: 500-1000 robux. We will discuss in DMs. Due date: (DD/MM/YY) 10/7/18 or 10/8/10.
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    Looking for 1k+ investments for a professional music store group My name is Paige Simmons. I have been looking for the past week to find investors. Without any luck, I am expanding my options. My group is currently being developed. We are trying to get SHRs, HRs, MRs, and LRs. I hope that by hosting advertisements, and paying developers, that we can accomplish all the goals I have set for the group. Some of the goals include reaching over 250 members, get over 1k visits on our main game, and inspire others to play music and learn more about it. Now you might be asking what this group is. This group is called Guitar Center, inspired by the real life Guitar Center. Within the first two weeks of starting up the group, we have gained over 50 members. I am hoping to reach the 250 member goal. Benefits You will gain all game passes for free. Exclusive Noted Customer role in the group. A percentage of all earnings (the amount will be based on how much is invested). Audit log access. Special perks in game. Access to upcoming development chat. Limited Edition Guitar Center clothing. How do I know I will get my money back? If you do not earn your money back within 2 months after investing, I will use my personal money to pay you back. Sadly I do not have any money right now to buy robux for the group but I will in 2 months. I cross my heart to live up to my promise.
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