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  1. In scientific terms, the act of being wet is when water molecules fit between gaps within molecules other than water such as carbon in clothing. Saying that water is wet is like saying water is something other than water. People who claim that water is wet, please retake 7th grade science. Ex. Jimmy dumped water on Sally's clothing which is made from silk which is made from carbon. Is the clothing wet? yes Sally spits her Gatorade out of anger into Jimmy's cup which is filled with water. Is Jimmy's water wet? no
  2. Looking back at my application for a music developer I noticed I had a lot of typos like spelling the word hobby wrong along with the word business. I feel really stupid for this and just want to tell you just in case you didn't see prior to now. I was crying laughing when I noticed this.

    1. Ianfirepower
    2. Dr_Derpasaur


      they were minor grammar mistakes on my part anyway. It just made me feel kind off embarrassed that I spelled such simple words wrong lol. I'm just glad I got accepted to be honest.

    3. Ianfirepower
  3. A load of new developers have come up over the last few months in the hidden developer community including me. Me and many other developers would like to know each others plans for this year. My it be new games, new communities, and maybe even some new streamers. These news developers open up all new doors of opportunity for the hidden developers community, and other communities that have come up over the months. This all leads back to the main question, what are your plans?
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