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  1. We need this to be fixed a lot! It’s weird seeing Silver I ranks having the verified colour, unless intentional. This doesn’t affect people with developer roles as such, but I can see why it would affect someone without those roles.
  2. Good day everyone! Today, I am looking for a partner/partners to help create a development studio with me! I am a builder myself, and can do most things to a good quality, but what I TOTALLY suck at and don't understand anything about is SCRIPTING! Anything that isn't built, I can't possibly do by myself. So that's why I'm looking for a partner in gaming crime. If you were to collaborate with me, then we will split the profits equally, and I may choose to pay you out a cut of my earnings if you do a fantastic job at helping me! Obviously, we will talk about what this game would be an
  3. Really nice builds overall, I really like the detail! It's obvious to see you took your time on it, well done dude. However, I'm not sure if you should decrease the range that your lights have, or maybe that's just because they're all grouped together? Just, in a nutshell, good job!
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