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  1. Thanks!

  2. gerald


    Topic was moved to Hiring.
  3. You can apply for the the Roblox Studio Builder role here.
  4. Make sure that in your Privacy Settings, you have Direct Messages allowed from everyone. Another solution is to make sure you are on Online, Idle, or Do not disturb while verifying. Sometimes, the bot will not DM users that are Invisible or offline. One last thing you can do to troubleshoot is to double check you are inputting your credentials correctly. Make sure you include your username as well as the hash sign with your 4-number ID (example: Username#0000), rather than just your username.
  5. gerald

    A Middle Man

    A middleman is used to make sure a transaction takes place so that both sides can guarantee no scams. Usually, the people involved in the business deal transfer all their items/services to the middleman, and the middleman distributes the items as necessary. For example, a person selling a mesh could be asking for 1,000 R$. The middleman (in this case) would be sent a copy of the mesh file and have 100% access to the funds of 1,000 R$. Then, the middleman would complete the trade by sending the developer the 1,000 R$ and sending the buyer the file of the mesh. In HD, we recommend you
  6. Roblox verification is not working. Instead, verify your account with your Discord information. https://hiddendevs.com
  7. "Only justice will bring peace."

  8. quarantine is not over yet eeee

  9. Not sure what you mean by "in the beginning." However, you can use #everything-else to hire for SFX or music. Additionally, you can offer your SFX/music services in #for-hire. #selling can be used in our server to sell SFX/music that you've already made. I hope this helps!
  10. thank you tech, very cool

  11. This is my first time trying this. 0-0

  12. Wireless. Less of a hassle if you're doing something like running.
  13. Hi there! Firstly, it is important to note that if your old username was "UsernameA" and your new username is "UsernameB", people can search for either username (on Roblox) and still find your profile. However, to change your display name here, go to the top right hand corner. Click on your name, select "Account Settings", and click "Change" on the "Display Name" section. If the name you select is taken, it will tell you. I hope this helps!
  14. There's already a hiring channel in the discord. The channel is #graphics-hiring. If you are selling your services, you should use #for-hire.
  15. There's already a role in the discord under the name "Graphics Artist." Graphics Artists can do 2D or 3D artwork. We also have the Texture Artist role.
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