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  2. Ya'll went ahead and raised image perms up SO HIGH just since SOME people abused. So how about we meet in the middle and you toss us a few more server emojis? Like you have TONS of nitro boost- can have 100+ emojis and we have less than twenty and most are god awful. Like at least bring the :deepthink: emoji back? Toss us just a few- it takes like a minute and would make the community just a little less angry.
  3. Buvnny

    Artist role

    I crave support.....will give love in return
  4. Buvnny

    Artist role

    Hello, I am Zane, an intern CR for HD. I am here to bring up a topic I brought up back in 2018. Now that I am in a higher position and more known in the community, I feel as though I can gather more support VS. then. The topic at hand is about HD adding an artist role. As of the moment artist can only really apply for the "Graphics" role for it is the only role that remotely fits their field. However this turns out to be quite misleading and bothersome. When people see someone with the "Graphics" role they assume the person creates GFX in blender or etc. This is a hindrance upon artist, p
  5. Uhhhh Maybe to drink more water since I don't drink enough To draw better and to t-pose more often
  6. 11/4/2018 : Rewrote entire forum Proposal: Add an artist role for the Discord or changed the graphics role name to artist. Reasoning: Hello my name is Crovw and I am an artist and I'm here to state my case on how I feel as though regular artist are poorly represented on the HD Discord. The graphics role is more often than not a misleading role that makes people believe that those whom own the role simply do things like traditional GFX. However the graphics role is the only role remotely close enough to represent someone being a possible artist. I get contac
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