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  1. Hi once more everyone!

    1. ConfinedDev


      Hello back to you!

  2. I got to say I really respect the fact that you love doing what you do, and it inspired me to start developing more often and make really cool games.

    1. Ianfirepower


      That just made my day.. :)

    2. BlueVentus28


      You responding to my comment just made my day :) You are a very good human keep doing what you are doing I bet you're inspiring way more people like me :D 

  3. Very deep Sameer, very deep... the mask behind me is like some of the others said, my organs.
  4. Underneath the title of the post there is a button that allows you to add tags. You can add tags for what role you require. In this case, you’d put the builder tag. Just an FYI!
  5. I don't know Lua, nor do I care to learn it. BUT, I am making a Discord bot along with some of my friends. I started it alone and it required me to learn node.js and discord.js. I had no previous coding experience before. Basically, I just watched YouTube tutorials and coded the exact same thing along with it. Even though the code was the exact same as the video, it worked and that was pretty cool. After doing enough tutorials, you start to learn a thing or two, plus you feel really encouraged to do more after you see your bot working. By then, I'm able to put some stuff together and make it w
  6. Or just not do anything against the Roblox ToS in the first place. That’s what I did.
  7. That’s deep Sameer, very deep. I have a lot of things to think about now.
  8. Isn’t that what this part of the forum is for?
  9. Everything posted on this account will now be archived as we are not using it anymore. We have transitioned to the new Hidden Weekly website found here. This account may be used for some minor stuff in the future. Time will tell. 

  10. Yeah, Invision Community, a little expensive if you ask me.
  11. You know now that I think about it, I like them both the same.
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