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  1. I’m continually seeing members trying to find investors, though these members don’t know where to start. Since the removal of the investor channel in the Discord Server, it’s been a bit difficult for members to properly search for investors. So, if you’re going to slide into my DMs asking me to invest -- you better read this post first. Basics: A. Financial Investor is a self obtained role within Hidden Developers. Any member can give themselves this role by going to the cmds channel and typing: ,toggle financial investor B. It is not currently possible to see a li
  2. I was unbanned saying “We made a mistake” and you both admitted that I didn’t have enough “Warning points” to be banned. You took improper action. Obviously not necessary since I was apologized to two hours later for your mistake. Maybe you shouldn’t be making inappropriate comments, or what you call “jokes” especially if you are an admin. It would suit you best to be a regular member of you wanted to make selfless “jokes” and comments about others. Maybe try doing what’s right. Instead of trying to cover your own ass. As another admin said “She made a mistake.” Obviously you
  3. Some of you were not lucky enough to see what happened less than two hours ago. So I will go ahead and indulge you, that way you understand completely what must be done. To open, I was blatantly banned without true logical evidence at 11:08 Central Standard Time on Sunday, December 2nd, of 2018. An admin decided to ban me for nothing more than meer self-enjoyment. Which is something I do not take lightly. Which is why all should read this short article, and decide for yourself what you think should happen. We are apparently here established upon an aspect that exceptional logi
  4. Already claimed him, my hubby vary long time
  5. I've been doing edward very long time
  6. roses are red chill bloxx is bad edward is mine
  7. No I redid poll and voted for you. You my ###11111!!!!!!!!!
  8. You jealous because you don't have hot boddyyy
  9. Edward is number one admin he very hot and manly manly admin yes bye good manly admin. Nice male specimen.
  10. Who's your favorite admin Choices are: Sameer Edward Virtually Lucided Solo Zach
  11. No no please no!!! ILY! It was my bird that made this post, we can eat her for dinner to make up for it! I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO UPSET YOU DEAR! Love, -Cannon
  12. You get silver and bronze for talking. Anyone can talk doesn't mean they are trusted.
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