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  1. Oscie66

    Selling GFX

    Contacts: Discord: Fuuka!#4765 Twitter: OrgcGFX (@oscie66) Payments: Thumbnail: 1k rs Icons: 500 rs
  2. Oscie66

    Selling GFX!

    Payment: Thumbnails: 1k rs Icons: 500 rs Ads: 250 rs Contact: Discord: Fuuka!#4765 Twitter: OrgcGFX (@oscie66)
  3. Oscie66

    Need Account

    Hello, I am in need of someone who has an account, it doesn't need robux, limiteds or anything on it, It just needs builders Club, it doesn't matter what type of builders club either. Payment: 10 USD or more (negotiated) contact me through my discord if you are interested, this is much appreciated if you can do this. Disc: OrgcGFX (COMMS CLOSED)#4765
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