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  1. Don't post the same hiring thread twice please.
  2. Yeah, i know that my old 2013 can run graphics like that aswell, but it would slow it down by alot, if he would have big things in his studio it might affect fps.
  3. Oh, you don't want to make them? I don't live anywhere near America so i'm not sure, you can either do it yourself, by just making multiple crépes with the recipe i gave (made by myself), or you can google search crépe spots around your city that is easily able to be reached with public transport or bike.
  4. Are you advertising your services on a selling channel? That's not supposed to be here
  5. What have made you become a developer, wether you're a scripter or animator? I've taught myself building by being jealous at other games when i was a kid (4 years ago) , I wanted to have the same thing as other people. I wanted to make my own games and was really excited at the time. That's how i became a builder!
  6. FedTech

    Low Poly Minigun

    DISCORD: FedTech#7428 ROBLOX: iiHACKER3 SELLING: Low Poly Minigun Price: I am in the HD discord, you can either @iiHACKER3 in that discord or you can add my discord and we could negotiate, you could also DM offers below!
  7. Make them yourself, buy pancake mixture, a small cup (1/4th) and some cream, whip up the cream. Add 1 cup of pancake mixture and half a cup of milk, mix until smooth. Take your small cup (1/4th) and put in on a normal size pan. Flip until you see tiny bubbles on the surface and then serve on a place with fresh strawberries and mix up the cream and add that fresh whipped cream to the crepe. There you go, crepe with strawberries and whipped cream
  8. FedTech


    There are lots of factors that depend on the price of something, factors like -Time -Detail Someone that receives a model fast and detailed, might pay more than a person that gives it slow and detailed. I've also had a skyscraper that i've never sold, i'd thought it might have been worth 100 robux, and a developer from HD discord told me it could be worth 3000 R$. There are lots of different factors and you just have to take a good guess at what it might cost depending on the factors i said. But i'm always honest myself, if someone offers 5000R$ on something i think is worth less, i'll make sure to point it out (although not everyone will do that become the more the better) Being honest about the prices and treating it fairly will affect your personal reputation as a person and creator.
  9. FedTech


    I put my discord in the thread.
  10. Nice work of music! I do think that 1000 robux translates to 6/7 USD, since most people get robux off of the blackmarket.
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