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  1. FedTech

    Gun Modeler

    this is not a thread to show your services, this is a thread to hire people to work for you lol
  2. fyi 10USD translates to like 2k robux
  3. "my discord is The Meat" yeah thats not helping us contact you on discord lol theres also lots of tree logs missing
  4. I asked him and he denied, he doesn't need builders anymore
  5. they look generated by console O_O
  6. Join the discord and make a selling post, probably faster since not everyone is on the forums
  7. I like AirPods because they are good for third party devices, i got an iPhone but it works aswell as my brothers phone (Android) I mean both are nice, i've heared that Galaxy Buds are better but i copped AirPods 2nd Gen for like 90 Dollars which is good price. Overall, if i had a samsung, i would buy galaxy buds.
  8. pogchamp to the most usefull commnet on the thread FeelsGoodMan
  9. Ikr, 1875s, hit me up in DMs i gotta tell u something. lets leave the kids alone
  10. Yeah, but the fact that you're advertising better options on someone's selling thread is a bit redicilous don't you think? Imagine this. You made a script that took 10 hours to make. It's a animation, decide to post it in a selling section for 5000 robux (for example) then someone comes and says "go to this video link it takes longer but atleast u dont have to pay" don't you think that's a wrong thing to do?
  11. Lol the fact that you think im hurt is the saddest thing i've heared in a while, you're pretty toxic buddy. might get of the website as we dont need people like u, let people sell their scripts and leave 'em alone for the next time
  12. I like low-poly more because of the cartoon style
  13. @reFabricated There's no reason to diss him like that, what if it's his own creation? Kind of sucks that you have to advertise tutorials to bait others into doing it themselves, it's their own choice and don't think you have to make a comment like that.
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