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  1. Hey @INfoUpgradersYT and @Micnasr, The administration team is currently aware of the issues with the general speed on getting your applications reviewed. We will start getting more involved to resolve these issues. Please be patient as we source out the root of the problem and then start working on permanent solutions. We may or may not attempt to offer temporary solutions, depending on how we feel about their effectiveness. And @INfoUpgradersYT, You are correct in that Zach is the only site member that has access to off-site reader applications. He is quite picky regarding it a
  2. We're glad to be helping you through your struggles in every way we can.
  3. Our discord roles are based off Roblox creations and abilities. As a bot developer is only related to discord, we will not add the role unless Headless decides otherwise. While I'm not saying we won't ever add the role to the discord, as it currently stands there isn't a big enough population in Roblox that would have us consider making them stand out in our discord. We choose roles that are popular and common within the Roblox development community. Now in the future, if it ever becomes more and more prominent where a lot more writers are coming out then we will consider making them
  4. Roblox does not have the time nor staff to check every single discord server made for roblox to check if they are good. It'll be a waste of time.
  5. will read it soon, just dm me to keep me reminded solocord#7142
  6. Zach and Headless are the only people authorized to read ban appeals. They are both busy atm inrl and cannot attend to HD matters as they once used to.
  7. Mute the channel. Problem solved. About our main announcement channel, we don't ping there as often. And whenever we do, it's usually quite important. But then again, they can mute the channel.
  8. A poll that isn't needed, it's been out for months and quite known that Connect is the correct way. connect has been deprecated by the wiki.
  9. actually, the discord server is not officially a Roblox server, it's just run by Roblox staff. They don't go advertising it on Roblox. While I don't entirely agree with the banning of discord advertisement, they do have legal and privacy requirements to meet to maintain and keep a reputation for kids of all ages.
  10. just realized this was posted in August of 2017, rip I guess you could still talk to me if you need it, doubt it tho
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