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  1. Its against the rules to pay people for contests and group payouts are mainly used to pay developers, and that is the main intention of it.
  2. (New Website) Priority applications, colored name (Discord) Priority marketplace posts
  3. Sorry, but the Hidden Staff group is for staff only.
  4. Translator would be hard, because we would need an application reader who is fluent in every language. Game tester used to have applications, but no longer does because you don't really need to apply for it and was pointless. Off-Site Game Producer would be Off-Site Programmer.
  5. We no longer do investing because there were too many scams happening and it is difficult to prevent those scams.
  6. L7_M

    Im back.

    Welcome back!
  7. Yeah it's just through the ticket system. If you want you can appeal your ban in appeal forums then appeal your warning via a ticket.
  8. You can appeal a warning by running ,ticket in #cmds-n-other.
  9. No, it doesn't. If it is lower, assuming you mean the group, then it is likely one of the following reasons: - The member has a role that is higher up in the group, so they were given that role (we always give the higher up role unless requested not to). - There are not a lot of members with that role in the group. - There are not a lot of people in that development category (Example: There are tons of builders and scripters, but there are little voice actors and musical composers because there are fewer people who do that job) There are some that may take more time to get,
  10. Is there any sort of payment?
  11. Hey, just a suggestion, you might want to pay weapons scripters a little more because weapons usually require a lot of work to script.
  12. Looks very nice, but it is a little pricey.
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