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  1. We always recommend using our discord server to hire people. Discord link: https://discord.gg/hd You have to be Bronze I/Level 2 to be able to post in the hiring channels. Check your rank in #cmds with !rank. To post a hiring request, do ,post in #cmds. Check #marketplace-info for more information.
  2. Appeal Tag Appealing Infractions If you wish to appeal an infraction (non-ban), please make a ,ticket in #cmds, say create then choose the appeal option. Appealing a Ban If you or someone else wishes to have a ban appealed, please visit here and follow the given instructions. Appealing a Scam Ban If you're appealing a ban given by the Scam Investigation team, please email [email protected] Please use the following format in your email: Roblox Username: Ticket Number (if known): Discord Tag
  3. Add ,suggest to the bot commands when we get the new website.
  4. Applications have been caught up. Backlog has been cut down, you shouldn't be seeing any backlog.
  5. Also as you think you are able to understand programming. When you are able to fix scripts, find bugs and optemize scripts.
  6. Proposal: New emotes! Why: Because our current emotes aren't really good.
  7. Hey @Micnasr, Just be patient that is all we can say. We understand the issue but you must wait, if you would like to be apart of the Hidden Developers Group. I promise you it is worth the wait. Our applications readers are just going into some issues so we have to be patient with them. As of the 30/08/2020 we have closed Applications Readers applications and we are just waiting for the results of it. We will soon have everything back to normal!
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