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  1. We're looking at implementing some major changes to our new website (http://hiddendevs.com/) that will make this easier, I don't want to say too much though at this point in time.
  2. We've made drastic efforts to remove toxicity & toxic individuals from our community, hopefully you're no longer experiencing these issues. If you notice any users engaging in toxic or inappropriate behaviour, make sure to submit a User Report and help us keep bad apples out of our community.
  3. We tried staff-hiring but it just became an Advertisement section for groups with no members, unfortunately, we had to remove it in the end.
  4. We made massive leaps to remove Toxicity & toxic individuals from our community, hopefully this is no longer an issue.
  5. We're slowly trying to implement more emojis.
  6. We're considering ways to implement middle-manning into our Marketplace.
  7. Too many channels, I've requested Discord to implement chats built into the VCs as that would be a much more suitable option.
  8. Considering adding a Suggestions Ticket to keep Suggestions in-app.
  9. Community Helper = Representatives, they're there to help users.
  10. We're introducing Marketplace Reviews to our server.
  11. Issue Noted, will look at potential options we have.
  12. I'm considering Tags to allow developers to specify more clearly what they're looking for. I'll see what I'm able to do in regards to making searching easier with CTRL + F, but Discord makes it much more difficult.
  13. We're working on introducing Marketplace Reputation but general reputation isn't something we're considering at this point in time.
  14. We're working on some major updates to the Marketplace, we're also looking at the potential of allowing staff to have more bias when accepting/declining but I cannot confirm anything for the time being.
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