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  1. Group Payouts are used to pay developers for their work. If they banned users for paying out large sums then no developer would want to be on the platform.
  2. Able to provide us with proof that you're the user "1Dev_Time"?
  3. I would've tried to help but the link is not available
  4. I love the lowpoly theme, I really like the brightness of the second last image.
  5. Have you found the developers you're looking for?
  6. Have you found someone to hire yet?
  7. Is this still on-going or found everyone you're after to hire now?
  8. I want to say a massive thank you to @Zach for his hard work and effort put into the website, without him, we wouldn't have this slick new design and I honestly love it. You can also find the Dark theme which was long awaited and I'm super pleased to finally have it.
  9. Title: [Roblox Username] [Discord Username#0000] For more than one user add another line and continue like this: HeadlessHorror - HeadlessHorror#0001 David_Baszucki - Noobie#123 Introduction: Small introduction into what the situation is and how it happened. Body: Evidence/proof must be used in link format rather than uploaded due to compression. e.g. Imgur, Gyazo Detailed & specific explanation detailing and highlighting specific people involved, dates of when the scam happened/important dates, items/objects that have been scammed/attempted to be. Image(s) and/or GIF(s) of the entire conversation had between both parties. Any transactions that may have taken place e.g. Must have a screenshot for proof of your payment logs. Concluding Sentence/Paragraph: Any further information that may assist us in handling this request. Ending note: If the report is not in this format, and/or information is missing from your report, an Administrator will post a message underneath your report. If failed to reply back with the necessary information on Discord to the Administrator that posted the notice, highlighting that information is missing, you will have 48 hours to retrieve the information and contact the Administrator before your scam report will be locked & you will need to re-create another thread. Due to this, be sure to check back here daily to see an update on your report.
  10. This is a full list of users I trust on a personal level and have/would hire to work with me. Not being on this list doesn't mean you're not a good developer I just haven't gotten to know you personally enough to know if I would recommend you or not. Builders: Programmers Graphics
  11. Thread closed since project is inactive
  12. @HeadAdminBear I was asking in case I needed to close this thread, I'm not joining the project, sorry. I'll make it clearer next time.
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