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  1. So I have a game I created called Drive a Tesla which is self explanatory on what you do, You can buy Teslas and other electric cars and drive around a map. It's been pretty popular getting around a couple k visits. Recently, because of the release of the new Cybertruck, place visits has skyrocketed from 20k to 50k (and counting!). So I decided to want to make a whole new map as well as new mechanics of the game as well. Currently I have it set so that you gradually get money and you can buy the car and spawn it down. When I made that I basically just used Alvin Blox's Car Spawn GUI and basically left at that. But the problem with that is that The cars don't save when you buy them. And I can't quite figure out how to save them. So I need someone to help me with that, I want it to like similar like the car buying GUI in Ultimate Driving. The new map I have already started working on, I could use more builders to help with making the map as well. The game does currently make a decent amount of profit although not much, so I can't guarantee a high payment. So I could really use help with making the game a lot better for the players. If interested, Please contact me on discord, kinglalu#2780 I look forward to working with you.
  2. kinglalu


    I am intrested, contact me on discord, kinglalu#2780
  3. How much robux are you offering?
  4. Nice work so for, maybe add some ice part on head as well
  5. kinglalu

    Zastava M59 66

    What is the price your selling at?
  6. Can you show pictures of previous builds?
  7. kinglalu

    I can make models

    Can you show pictures of previous builds?
  8. I could go more in depth about that but I recommend watching these tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB2o9dqo_5C3jtCi5xrLiEQ/featured
  9. For placement systems, one easy way to to it is to use the placement module, since it handles most of that stuff. https://www.roblox.com/library/1122124371/Placement-Handler-V2
  10. Yeah like what Vaepers said, I have so many scripts and builds in many unfinished games either for loss of interest, proper team or other reasons, It gets very difficult to make a game and complete it. Perhaps if i can find a good reliable development team one day to work with, maybe we can make something good.
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    By products, you mean like gamepasses?
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