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  1. Lmao what a scam right there
  2. bruh Apple products are barely any good
  3. Pretty good, but the neck seems a bit off
  4. I'll do it for 49 lol
  5. What is the payment?
  6. i doubt hes gonna take 2 robux for it
  7. wth thats some advanced stuff right there
  8. Unioning often does mess things up texture wise, maybe try applying the texture after you union it?
  9. You say its a hit idea, but don't even explain the what the idea and what the game is. I would recommend explaining what your game is about if you want a investor.
  10. kinglalu

    Any Feedback?

    So far, looks pretty good and realistic. One thing you could do is add the dust particles coming from the overhead lights that would add an extra realism to the build.
  11. Your really talented, the builds are amazing!
  12. kinglalu

    Selling Obby

    lmao thats funny
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