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  1. Just made and finished the first track in my game's OST.

  2. Wrong topic? Because if so, I understand. Just don't know where to put this.
  3. Hi, Aero here. Another feature has been completed in Crossroads Warfare: Furnitures/Alloys! Sadly, the game will not be reopening today due to the workload that I have. Anyways, let's get into it! What is Furnitures/Alloys? Furnitures/Alloys is the official "skin system" for Crossroads Warfare weapons. Just like PF has camos, CrossWar has Furnitures/Alloys. Main difference: these skins don't use textures (the CrossWar ones) unless part of the material. Alloys are usually found on the metallic (conductors) parts of a weapon. Furnitures are on the non-metallic (insulators) parts. The rea
  4. So it's been a while since I posted an update here on hidden devs about Crossroads Warfare (my game). I figured "Why not resume that?". Luckily, Crossroads Warfare is in a better place now, but still needs more work to achieve beta status. From now on, I will either post after every update or weekly about the game's progress here on this site to keep everyone informed about the now and the later of the game. In that case, let's begin the cycle, shall we? Current Update: Scout Binoculars The first update I will ever cover in this series is the addition and implementation (finally) of
  5. Planning on reopening Crossroads Warfare by August 18.

  6. Currently working on the first ever super-update of Crossroads Warfare.

  7. Season 1 of the Inside Crossroads Warfare podcast was started on June 3rd, 2018 via Anchor.fm. The podcast covers the game design aspects of Crossroads Warfare such as the various current and upcoming game modes of CrossWar MP (Multiplayer), gunplay and more. Two of the biggest topics to be covered will be the following: Crossroads Royale ShredWatch If you are interested in this podcast, the link is above.
  8. New update coming to Crossroads Warfare's gun system: Bipods! https://gyazo.com/d5d3815eb6136e4f9a6ba2cfc4c1cef1 https://gyazo.com/ab5b958ba9694202fa9c775dfc746cce The first link at the top is the bipod being opened. The second link shows the bipod being closed. What do you guys think? Reply with your thoughts below. P.S.: This mechanic could be one of if not the first bipoding mechanic implemented in Roblox.
  9. Here's a sneak peek at my loadout menu for Crossroads Warfare. It's still in development, so the appearance of this UI/system is subject to change. These are all the 7 examples I have so far. Feedback is greatly appreciated since this UI is still in development.
  10. I develop on ROBLOX and other platforms because I'm addicted to coding, and I'm a game designer by trade.
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