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  1. As a member of the Hidden Developers community, for almost a year, and a former intern, I can safely say that there is some major and minor tweaking that needs to be established. Firstly, I feel like moderators currently relying on the use of slowmode is inadequate. Why not handle the situation civilly and diffuse it in a reasonable manner? Rather than just using slowmode and calling it a day. Slowmode may slow down the chat but it isn't as effective as it is initially intended. Additionally, I feel like the community's opinions should not be oppressed nor shunned. I feel as if we should be ab
  2. Well, how can I choose one? There are so many that I’ve enjoyed. Currently, my favorite anime is Soul Eater. I don’t have a particular all time favorite anime though.
  3. Android is better, no questions asked.
  4. I have no idea why I’m replying to a post that was made back in June when it’s September. Anyway, Android is better than apple. Point, Blank, Period. I assume that this is a fastest dying poll because apple is winning.
  5. I can’t choose between Tower of Hell or The CrusheR.
  6. I can think of many solutions. You can increase the ZIndex of said loading screen, tween the UIs onscreen when the loading GUI gets destroyed, make them invisible until the loading screen is finished, etc.
  7. Been waiting for my app to be read for about 17 days, what should I do?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rosacco


      Maybe wait your turn? I'm pretty sure your not the only app submitter. Forum readers will get to you when they do ^-^

    3. Zenetsuku


      @Rosacco I posted this about a month ago... The application has already been read now and has been accepted...?

    4. Rosacco


      Welp. I'm new here. For some reason it was the main thing on the forums home page. Sorry for my disruption.

  8. I would be a Phoenix. The majestical wings, the fiery presence, and the alluring feathers appeal to me. I love the lore and mythology behind the Phoenix. As for an existing animal, I would be a cat. The resemblance between myself and a cat is uncanny.
  9. I’m not an expert on trading at all. However, some items’ value/rap doesn’t increase or decrease dramatically. It’s normally consistent. Some people like to trade their items when it’s at a decently higher price than it averagely is. But once again, don’t take this advice because I’m not an expert.
  10. The link you have provided claims that this said group in locked. Please provide a valid link.
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