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  1. check it out here: https://www.roblox.com/games/3049851405/UFC-Octagon Discord is Scyke#3679
  2. if u need builds let me know xd, the concept is amazing #Scyke3679
  3. I can build for you but your disc doesnt work Scyke#3679
  4. Im interested too btw what is the pay per build? #Scyke3679
  5. I can be one of your 3 builders, and maybe the blueprint guy if its on studio. Scyke#3679
  6. Yeah your disc isnt working add me Scyke#3679
  7. I agree to your terms sir add me on disc Scyke#3679
  8. i can build you some maps Scyke#3679 btw it wont let me add you idk why,
  9. Im up for it if no one has taken it Scyke#3679
  10. Im up for the builds Scyke#3679
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