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  1. Hey there Hidden Developer members and Robloxians! I'm Onesetmind, LimitedFuse, or Evan whichever suits me the best. I'm currently leading a clan of 1.7k initiates and about 14 actual [HEX] clans members. Our main focus is gain experienced members from the gaming community, may it be throughout the Roblox game design platform, or other communities and platforms like PC gaming communities, XBOX, or PlayStation! I'm actively recruiting initiates to join our clan and help grow our activity, maybe even show us some of your skill! The more you're active, and the more you show your skill the further
  2. However, if YOU do not know what you're doing then you cannot decide whether or not they know what they're doing. It's like if a student was trying to grade a teacher on a test that they didn't learn any information for, it's basically a blind process. Considering not only do you not know the process it took to even create that, you now want to have the authority to judge something not even you can do.
  3. This petition is not pointing out the SPEED of an application being read, please go and re-read what we're petitioning against. Patience isn't going to solve what this petition is for. Thank you
  4. Thank you again everyone for the support on this!
  5. Thank you @Shadowed_Snake and @iFiizzy for the support!
  6. Why am I petitioning? I've noticed with some applications they are declined overs terms that are unlikely. Such as being called "basic", or "anyone can do it". Not all Application Readers even possess the skill they are judging for others to be known for it. To obtain a role you must be able to complete that roles task, not based on "if others can do it" Skills are not advanced, some skill is harder to have than other, though your work is not based on "if it's advanced in that skill" it's if you have the ability. Depth! It should not be the determination of the
  7. Eccentric or Garbage? A recent submission for the Graphics role leaves community member, MarkedTrades, in the hall of shame. During a long chat with this "unique" artist he explained his spin on things, though we cannot fully understand his reasoning, we did hear what he had to say. It's not everyday you get a submission like this, especially one he's so proud of. Is modern standards on art clouding our sight on his work, or is he completely out of his mind? Asking his thoughts MarkedTrades replied with this; Even though his art work isn't what we h
  8. Life will go on without the internet.
  9. I love the quotes! It's good to see you all have such an open personality. My favorite quote is the one I thought of myself, because it's my own motivation when I really need it. And if anyone else needs it [v]
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