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  1. - Start using main Twitter more for development-related - Make private Twitter and post irl-related stuff and things - Begin using & learning Blender - Hopefully, get accepted into Hawai'i Pacific University & go to college there - Get a significant other cause I'm lonely - Begin working out, exercising & eating healthier - Get an irl job cause I need money
  2. Our Discord invite is discord.gg/HD
  3. Looking for suggestions from the general community. We are beginning to compile a list of suggestions for a secret pet-project, not confirmed to be official, directed by both myself & @lucided . Post your suggestions under the suggestions section!


  4. Hi, your semi-favorite Administrator or Discord Moderator here. This thread will explain a few ways that you can obtain the Discord ID for any user on Discord. Step 1 - Enabling Discord Developer Mode First, you need to click on the Settings Tab at the far-most bottom left button of your Discord Screen. You will then be directed towards the My Account Tab within the Settings Tab. You will need to click the Appearance Tab which is under the App Settings Section. You will then see the Appearance Section. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of that page & you will see the Advanced section. From there, you will be able to Enable the Developer Mode, & that is all you'll need to do in Settings! Step 2 - Obtaining the Discord ID from a User There are a few ways that you can get the Discord ID from a member. I'll go through every way (as of 8/23/2018) you can obtain the Discord ID. Welcome Message Notifications When a member joins, you will see a similar message to the following To obtain the user's Discord ID, you will need to Right-Click the name that should be in a darker color. There will then be a popout that should've appeared. At the bottom of that pop out, you will see a button called Copy ID. That's it! You can then proceed to click the button called Copy ID & the ID will be copied to your clipboard! Member Profile Picture/Names The following is very similar to the steps above. The only difference is that we'll be using the user's profile picture & name. User's Profile Pictures When someone types & sends messages, you will see a similar message to the one below. As we did above, you'll have to right click their profile picture & you will see the popout that we saw above. You can then proceed to click the button called Copy ID & the ID will be copied to your clipboard! User's Discord Names The same procedure as we did for the User's Profile Pictures above, applies to what we'll be doing below. You'll need to right click their Discord name & you will see the popout that we saw both times above. You can then proceed to click the button called Copy ID & the ID will be copied to your clipboard! Using a Command to obtain the Discord ID The following does not require you to have enabled Discord's Developer Mode. The following command allows you to mention the user while also obtaining their Discord ID. This command only works in Discord Servers. It does not function within Group Chats or DM's [Direct Messages.] The following is an example .GIF on how to use the command. You can also use this command with the full Discord#0000 of the user. The following .GIF will show you how to use the full Discord#0000 of the user to obtain the Discord ID. You can also use Discord ID's to show you the actual member & server/profile information. The following .GIF will explain to you how to mention the user & not show the actual ID, but their name. You will need the user's Discord ID for the following to properly work. That's the end of this tutorial. Hope you learned how to properly obtain and use Discord ID's & hope to see this feature being used more & more by fellow Discord users!
  5. Scammer:BlazeKGSE 

    Victim;Just_Bricks [Me]

    Payment:50k Hat, or robux in general.

    My disc: Just_Bricks#1325

    Scammers new disc:BlazeKGSE#7676

    Proof: At the bottom.

    So I was a developer for BlazeKGSE. At first he acted nice, giving me details, to everything, payment, like any normal, creator does. When we started building, I build the room, making a bed, he removes it, and put a free model, which indeed ruins the style of it. Now skip about a month or so, I finished, he indeed said he’ll pay me when im done. *DELAYED* 3 times, I had enough confronted him, and boom. Still nothing.

    Now I tried to act nice, and tell him, that I’m not bad, with proof, and still acts like, a jerk.

    Now, I contacted roblox, they did nothing, so I tried to protest on the disc, just figuring out there was a website, so I came here.

    observe the proof.



  6. Just so you know, no one besides Headless & Zach, since they are ranked Managers on the website, can see the posted links. At the current moment, the Administration Team is setting up a brand new system of increasing the speed that appeals will be read at. We will hopefully finish setting the system up sometime by August 20, 2018. We apologize for the extensive long wait, & we hope to get this process exponentially sped up for you, alongside the rest of the community.
  7. If you could tell me your Discord ID [e.g. Sameer#9957], I'll look more into for you and let you know back soon.
  8. Hey I have a question about my scam report. Do I not receive my payment for the work I did? Atleast did you speak to him? "dembojammeh123 |Dark King#4007 I think I got scammed"

  9. Ignore the ranks listed in the message, those were for just when we needed more of those specific staff members. In a regular round of intern applications, every role is open to being applied for.
  10. Created by @Urbanize; This thread is one of the best 3D Modeling starter threads on this entire website. Got me hooked on immediately after reading the wiki thread & was amazingly informative & simple to use, surprisingly. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start out in Blender and get a basis of how everything works.

  11. This was posted last year. TheBloxDev is no longer a staff member of Hidden Developers.
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