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  1. ItsSparksX


    It actually looks really good even though you are new to building, all i would suggest is that you keep building stuff an not stopping because youll get better from practicing
  2. Cant really see it but ok
  3. Great job, it looks really good!
  4. Do you know how to make them invisible until the loading screen is finished? i tried increasing the index but it did not work
  5. Im working on a game and i currently have 6 GUIs on Player Gui, and 1 Gui which is the loading screen on Replicated First, i made a script so that the Gui plays when someone joins and then is destroyed, but all of the of the Guis appear in the screen with the loading screen an dit looks really bad, i wonder how do you make only the loading screen play and after the loading screen dissapear the other Guis appear. Can someone help me? game:GetService("ReplicatedFirst"):RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() local cp = game:GetService("ContentProvider") local optionalAssets = {} l
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