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  1. Hello, i'll be showing you in this thread how to make a Realistic Character in Cinema 4D So first you setup the C4D And insert your character. I'll be using a character that has no Texture (I'll be making a texture for it) After that you will have to check the Reflections, then delete the default settings. Then you have to add a GGX and change the Attenuation to Additive You can edit the settings how you like but my personal choice is making the Reflection Strength to 50% But yea it's your choice after all Then, You will need to add a lightroom you
  2. Hello If you are new with Cinema 4D it must be hard for you to use it so i'll help you With the basics For now. When you open up Cinema 4d It will be like this. If you would like to Create a Object you click on the Cube to Check out more Object you can Insert you hold the Cube and you will see Alot of Objects you can use. After that you will get a cube or whatever object you have you can Move the Cube or rotate it. Now if you are trying to make Roblox GFX using Cinema 4D I'd advise you watching these videos. I'll be
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