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  1. New Position open for Team Manager!! Applications are still open!
  2. Still hiring builders, applications still open!
  3. Very much In need of: Artists & Storyline/Lore.
  4. In Desperate Need Of Builders!! Applications still open.
  5. Hello ! I'm looking for developers to work with me on a new game, and help with progressing a new group. Team Members: @Farsalis - Group Founder & Project Lead @kikta - Modeler @TheMagikKat - Main Scripter @Verlias - Head Builder @PolySosceles - Builder @Jupiterc - Artist @robotavenger99 - Animator About VIDAR Studios Not much to say, I'm the founder of VIDAR Studios and it really isn't anything yet. But, I'm hiring developers who can work with me to make it something. To the point -- I want people who can make VIDAR Studios a work-friendly environment, that is fun and not hostile. VIDAR Studios, will be the base of operations for the project you will be working on. About The Job The game Idea: the Ruins of the Past beseech you, a mysterious companion accompanies you to find the Ancient Secret of the Past. This game is: Adventurous, Mysterious and Mystical. The style will be Aztec Ruins Covered by Jungle within the realm of high fantasy. You can contact me if you need a more in-depth description of story-wise. This Project's terrain will be made through ROBLOX Terrain Editor, the main priorities are Scripting & Building. Scripting might include: Character Creation and Game Intro. But, more of a strain will be on builders with: Buildings, Terrain Development, World Design and Area Layout. You must be able to communicate in a reasonable time-frame, maintain a professional attitude, receive constructive criticism and give it in a professional manor, and it would be easier if this is the only project you would be working on. Lastly, being able to ask questions and give opinions/ideas on what this game could be, are always wanted. If you are not able to update/communicate on the task you’re doing within a reasonable time-frame e.g. 45m from the question of your progress, then this job is not for you. Currently, I'm hiring for these positions: Building(The World will be ambitiously large) Modeling(Blender Assets) Scripting(Coarse Knowledge of Lua) Team Manager(Excellent Communication, Organized, Leadership Abilities) - Exactly as it sounds, someone who can manage a Team of Developers e.g. Group of Scripters. If your applying for this, DM me personally. Images(GFX, UI, UX) Animator(Functional with Animation Editor) Storyline/Lore Artist(Heavily Needed. Decent Artistic Skill) Other(Contact me on Discord directly) Everything You Make Must Be Yours Payment Payment will be determined on how you help VIDAR Studios grow, and your performance/quality as an individual. All of this will be paid with Robux. Though, percentage of revenue is possible as well, later down the road. Baseline Pay: Builder: 10 - 15% Arist: 5 - 7% Team Manager: 4 - 5% (Off of Group GDP(In R$) & Performance) Composer: 7 - 9% GFX, UI, UX: PPA(Paid Per Asset), 300 - 800 R$ Modeler: 6 - 10% Animator: 3 - 4% Story/Lore: PPW(Paid Per Week), 200 - 400 R$ If you have any questions for a baseline payment, message me on discord or reply to this post. And I will respond within a timely manner either way. I'm currently self-funding this project, after a show-able game has been developed I hope to recruit Investors as well. Contact Please fill out the application form, then contact me (Unless in “Other” category) Application Form: https://forms.gle/caonTsaqPrDxVZfb9 Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5182861/VIDAR-Studios#!/about If you want any progress on the game, please message me on either platform. Discord: Farsalis#0983 -- Only contact me here if you are "Other", "Team Manager" or have questions about the game/group. You Must Be 13 Years or Older to Apply Thanks for reading!
  6. PCDude

    Hiring Mesher

    Hello, I am looking for a decent - mesher (Who can use blender, maya etc). Contract; I am looking for someone who is able to join a continuing - project. Payment; Please contact me on Discord for more details. For any questions or info, contact me here: No#6165
  7. PCDude

    All Programmers

    Agreed, whenever you think you might remember something. Always go back and read on whatever that is.
  8. Alright, try affecting the orientation through the cframe. That might fix your problem. Since moving with vectors can get pretty messy.
  9. Your using YXZ for orientation yes? Also, are you using orientation Explicitly from the model or the rotation matrices for the model cframe?
  10. How are you setting orientation/position?
  11. PCDude

    Better PathFinding?

    Nice! Keeping it more low - level and simple is the best way to go.
  12. Hallo, Sehr Interessiert, Kontaktieren Sie mich unter : Discord: Yes#0983
  13. PCDude

    All Programmers

    Hello! So, as most programmers know, the world of coding is expansive (To Say The Least). That why I thought, it may be a cool idea to share some tips and trick about coding. For any New Programmers or even Veteran Programmers. Now, to my question. Programmers, what do you have to say about your experience of the world of code? Anything you think New or Experienced programers should know? Please don't be afraid to say anything! ~PCDude
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