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  1. PCDude

    All Programmers

    Agreed, whenever you think you might remember something. Always go back and read on whatever that is.
  2. Alright, try affecting the orientation through the cframe. That might fix your problem. Since moving with vectors can get pretty messy.
  3. Your using YXZ for orientation yes? Also, are you using orientation Explicitly from the model or the rotation matrices for the model cframe?
  4. How are you setting orientation/position?
  5. PCDude

    Better PathFinding?

    Nice! Keeping it more low - level and simple is the best way to go.
  6. Hallo, Sehr Interessiert, Kontaktieren Sie mich unter : Discord: Yes#0983
  7. PCDude

    All Programmers

    Hello! So, as most programmers know, the world of coding is expansive (To Say The Least). That why I thought, it may be a cool idea to share some tips and trick about coding. For any New Programmers or even Veteran Programmers. Now, to my question. Programmers, what do you have to say about your experience of the world of code? Anything you think New or Experienced programers should know? Please don't be afraid to say anything! ~PCDude
  8. You probably have the ROBLOX dark theme on. Go into settings, then go into account info. Right under Location, you can change your theme back to Light.
  9. Would love to hear, about what you can program in Cody! Sounds Cool. Anyways, What made me become a Developer, was a desire to create. Beforehand, I actually would wrote a lot of literature. Such as, Fantasy genre, Murder Mystery genre, stuff like that. Now, me being a programmer. For myself, once you master a programming language. Everything else comes easily. Not the language itself, but the basic syntax or the building blocks of a language. Like, 'if X else Y , for X in Y do, function/def,' and so on. Of course, truly mastering a language is difficult. Either way, I enjoy programming and continue to do it because, I always get to learn more. Just the feeling of mastering something, like a certain topic of subject, cant be beaten.
  10. Like @ipokrates said, just connect a function when the humanoid dies. local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer local Character = Player.CharacterAdded:wait() -- Making sure that the player is loaded. Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid"):Connect(function() if not Character then -- If character still exists. print("Assigning Team...") Player.Team = game.Teams["TeamName"] else print("Character Found...Breaking") Character:BreakJoints() end end) Hope This Helped!
  11. PCDude

    Hiring a Scripter

    Yo, I can help, as long as it is a short little thing. Contact me at Creed#8173 , to discuss details.
  12. Honestly, apple has a nice platform. But android is way more powerful, and is a bit better where apple is lacking.
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