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    All Programmers

    Phleg is right, 1). The only way to get over learning curves is to experiment as much as you can and as frequently as you can. 2). A bonus is to always keep your knowledge refreshed (Even on things you THINK you remember). 3). Get your knowledge from trustworthy sources... (For example: Don't watch youtube videos of hobbyist and then be like "Thats how i do it".... their code is relevant to their program not yours...) 3.A). Lets say your making a simple calculator based application, dont go around the internet asking "How to make a calculator?" Instead ask about the Functionality, Ask the internet and other sources about how to make a Window, make a TextFeild, make Buttons and how to use math operations etc. After you learn about the small snippets of 'functionality' you need, you should be able to think of a way to build the calculator yourself. (AND LEARN FROM IT!)
  2. Moved to a more a popular/active forum, hidden developers is dead.
  3. codyorr4

    Better PathFinding?

    thanks! and yeah i also thought it seemed redundant to have the TWO move functions for example.... but one is public and the other can only be used in the module. i did this because i will need a separate move function (function move()) to create the Follow() functions that i needed. (which are now finished) but i will definitely try to keep some code more simplified and raw instead of categorizing with functions, thank you.
  4. android because im a java developer, BUT apple has some really nice hardware. (their camera for example), but i've also seen some android devices with great hardware too
  5. is this click-to-move or free movement ?
  6. are you still working on this game?
  7. i dont understand all this talk about a floofy
  8. codyorr4


    i would recommend not making a game similar to other games, and i could definitely help but i don't wan't 50% nor do i want to be on the team, direct payment for individual services seems more beneficial.
  9. i agree with this, the idea that all tycoons have to step on buttons was a dumb trend IMO.
  10. codyorr4

    Better PathFinding?

    this is all based on roblox's path system BTW, and this is also for Click-To-Move type of games.
  11. there no guarantee that you can double their money, you should add that as a warning when advertising for investors.
  12. function playIntroSound(sound) sound:Play() wait(18) sound:Stop() end
  13. i thought this was a cool effect for spotlights, not an application.
  14. some low-poly WW2 or pakistan styled objects would be pretty cool.
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