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  1. Hey, me and some friends were talking about a reputation/karma system and i feel like i should at least try and suggest it. So many of you know how reputation/karma works, you help someone, provide a service for someone or become toxic to someone and then they have a chance to give you positive/negative reputation every 12-24 hours. (or longer) I think this type of system would be beneficial, it would provide incentive to be less toxic, it would provide incentive to help others more often and I think it'll be a small piece of a long discussed puzzle. "How do we stop toxicity and bo
  2. this happened to me as well, kinda weird considering my password was the same for HD, roblox and spotify, and the email that is linked to all three of these (nothing else). my roblox account and spotify account was hijacked, who was the middleman? this forum. (or mere coincidence, but I doubt it for some reason)
  3. personally I've had countless issues with Xbox 360, xbox one s and xbox one X (especially when it comes to UI bugs and convenience, and game updates), to the point I gave them away because I couldn't sell them for a decent price, then I bought a PlayStation again.... lol but I've never encountered issues with the PlayStation 3 - 4(besides maybe old age and a fan going out, but that happens to both xbox and PlayStation), plus the lighting on PlayStation is sick. lets not forget the fact that PlayStations' disc reader doesn't go out after a couple a months. X), this issue practically
  4. codyorr4

    All Programmers

    Phleg is right, 1). The only way to get over learning curves is to experiment as much as you can and as frequently as you can. 2). A bonus is to always keep your knowledge refreshed (Even on things you THINK you remember). 3). Get your knowledge from trustworthy sources... (For example: Don't watch youtube videos of hobbyist and then be like "Thats how i do it".... their code is relevant to their program not yours...) 3.A). Lets say your making a simple calculator based application, dont go around the internet asking "How to make a calculator?"
  5. Moved to a more a popular/active forum, hidden developers is dead.
  6. thanks! and yeah i also thought it seemed redundant to have the TWO move functions for example.... but one is public and the other can only be used in the module. i did this because i will need a separate move function (function move()) to create the Follow() functions that i needed. (which are now finished) but i will definitely try to keep some code more simplified and raw instead of categorizing with functions, thank you.
  7. android because im a java developer, BUT apple has some really nice hardware. (their camera for example), but i've also seen some android devices with great hardware too
  8. is this click-to-move or free movement ?
  9. are you still working on this game?
  10. i dont understand all this talk about a floofy
  11. codyorr4


    i would recommend not making a game similar to other games, and i could definitely help but i don't wan't 50% nor do i want to be on the team, direct payment for individual services seems more beneficial.
  12. i agree with this, the idea that all tycoons have to step on buttons was a dumb trend IMO.
  13. this is all based on roblox's path system BTW, and this is also for Click-To-Move type of games.
  14. there no guarantee that you can double their money, you should add that as a warning when advertising for investors.
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