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  1. Hey everyone! I’m the owner of an upcoming game called Outbreak. So far the builds for the tutorial is basically done and that’s pretty much it so far. We expect the game with an active development team to be done in a few months. We are paying 5-20% depending on your job. If you are interested DM me on discord! ZackDaBoi#6358 Here’s the game: Outbreak is a game which consists of a fe game modes and the main one being the main storyline. In this main. Storyline game mode there will be a few chapters (only one will be released in beta.) in this there has been a virus outbreak in a facility but it has not breached the facility yet and you have to stop it before it can break out. You do this by following the main NPCs quests line who’s name is Agent-X (can be changed.) While doing these quests you will be rewarded with items to help you along the way. There will also be side NPCs quest lines which you can do to gain more items like weapons, armor, pets, etc. Pets will be “mini-viruses” that follow above your head and will give you an effect like speed, faster shooting, etc. The first chapters ending is that agent-x was the one who released the virus and the virus controls him and turns him in to a massive boss. Then after that there are two endings, one that he kills you but it just brings you to the checkpoint before you go in to the start area and the other if you kill him you celebrate but then in a cut scene you see the virus go through an air shaft or something and escape. That will lead in to the second chapter. The other game does will consist of wave defense where you can level up which gives you access to trading and there will be a thing where you can only trade with people your level to prevent people from just being given OP weapons instantly and you can only trade starting at level 20. These weapons will be used in any game mode. Also for wave defense at wave 100 there will be a seasonal boss which has a chance of dropping a seasonal weapon relating to it. The other game mode as said before is trading and you get the idea of that. Note that a lot do these ideas can be changed, added onto, removed, etc. I have already payed for GFXs and we have the group/discord icon done and the game logo and Thumbnails are on hold until I tell them to make them.
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