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  1. Mad city is suffering from same problems as Jailbreak, but Jailbreak has a better car system at least. It feels a lot nicer to drive a car in Jailbreak than in Mad City. (Still, they both copied Prison Life in it's entirety and made a game that grabs a lot of cash.) It's well made, but it fails at keeping it's players entertained (wouldn't you get bored after doing same quest/heist 50 times just to get a poor performance car?). I would rather play Prison Life, which is a lot more fun (even without all those heists, OP cars and apartaments), despite having nothing but map and guns that act just as they should. Since this is Jailbreak or Mad City, I'll say I'd rather play Jailbreak rather than Mad City.
  2. This profile pic is kinda sad, to be honest.  Still, it turned out to be not bad looking.


  3. Even  though I'm a scripter, I still try different stuff. Here's a simple render for you.youwillneverknow.thumb.png.c0388bd88a74d670057b3f7dc6264dde.png

  4. Selling cartoony houses kit Contact details: Discord: RainMeru#9572 Roblox: maxim11071 Preview place: https://www.roblox.com/games/4229308110/House-models Screenshots: Price: 100 Robux for each house model 500 Robux for all (2 houses are for free, basically).
  5. Contact details: Discord: RainMeru#9572 Roblox: maxim11071 I'm selling a tempe map. I did use free models (trees outside the playable area of the map). I have screenshots that you can view. Here are the screenshots: If you wish to explore the place by yourself, here's the link to the game with this map: https://www.roblox.com/games/3413584047/Temple Price: 125 Robux P.S. You can ask me to change the statue in the middle to something else (your Roblox avatar for example).
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