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  1. oreo my g. we don't have chips ahoy here in the uk sadly
  2. I didn't make the icon. You can contact the person on discord - AerialAeRo#1120 .
  3. Hello, my name is Lit. I've been trying to learn LUA for a while now. My friend (Spencer) and I have worked on a game called Follower Simulator. In the game, you click a button to gain in-game followers. Your target is to get the most followers. My game probably isn't going to be that big but oh well.
  4. After all these useless updates but good for some, is roblox getting worse? Please vote and tell me why in the comments.
  5. I prefer XBOX since my uncle, mother, cousin and my GRANDMA (this isn't a lie, she watches netflix on it) use XBOX's.
  6. Iphone since Discord puts out updates for it before they add it to android.
  7. It has to be SAO ( Sword art online) .
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