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  1. I agree with the last two people, I don't suggest using third - party services to cover your data for multiple games. One way you can achieve this is by using ROBLOX's already built-in API 'DatastoreService'. Or you can use DataStore2 if your going to be handling a lot because you can combine your data to one storage if needed and currently there has been no data losses according to the creator + Bereeza uses this method to handle his games as well. I am basically trying to say they're many ways of safely storing players data inside ROBLOX without using third - party services, just give them a try.
  2. I like how you've done that very nice method, although I would agree combining some of them into one function and naming the functions so you can easily call them appropriately in the chosen script. If you really wanna challenge yourself, you can work on detection so it is able to go around things and avoid drops and etc. I believe there is a tutorial on the forum talking about how to achieve this!
  3. Wow, that's a really nice long cannon. I am loving the textures and set of cannon balls you added for the aesthetic.
  4. Those are pretty good I like the low poly style, only thing I'd suggest changing is the shoes. The shoes on teh full armors look quite bulky and loose compared to the rest of the armor which is fitted to the character
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