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  1. As my discord status states, "Developing random stuff for GS." This is no lie. I don't even know how this turned up, lol.
  2. I got some new work done on Rengate's new forest map. I have been working on adding details to the camp area. Here is the latest. 


  3. New Station has been released, (Finally)! This is a 1-bay made for an engine, with 2 floors. The station comes with: A Bathroom, A Supervisor Office, A Kitchen, as well as living area and Dining area. Have fun! Link: https://www.roblox.com/library/4547787768/FREE-One-Bay-Fire-House
  4. New Building coming soon. I plan to release this 1-bay, 2-story Fire House either later tonight, or tomorrow. Feel free to tell me how you like it so far. Right now it will have an office, bathroom, kitchen and living area.
  5. In addition to working on a new map for Rengate, I am building a new One-bay Fire Station to be released either tonight, or tomorrow depending on the amount of time I have. Feel free to check out all of my buildings in my inventory, and have a great day! 


  6. I have recently started working for a new game. I am currently assigned to developing a Functional Armory. Here is how its looking so far.
  7. Here is the current map development. I was given permission to release some pictures. (As i'm the only one developing it.) Feel free to let me know how its going.



  8. I recently Dropped a new building. We have a State Police Building. Fairly ordinary. Link: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4494912585/FREE-State-Police-Building Feel free to check out my other building releases. My inventory is always open to the public, you can also find them here!
  9. Should this be the new logo for Weather's Custom? The HQ is almost done so I am asking the public what our new logo's should be. Here is one of the examples I have created. Feel free to let me know how it is!

    Weather Customs.png

  10. Working on a new Map for Rengate and the Gate Studio's Company. 

  11. New Building just made. Meant as a hide out, abandoned building. 


  12. Lets see. I have one thing that made me become a developer. I had joined a group called First Due Manufacturing. I started as a security personal, but wanted to do something else. I decided to take a class on Building Structures. I realized that I wanted to teach others how to build. Here I am now. I am serving multiple communities with Developing needs, I run my own hangout server for Developers and I enjoy what I do. I have enjoyed it for the past year.
  13. Shoot If you need a building dev, let me know. I am always looking for employment, whether short or long term.
  14. I just built this State Police Building. How does it look. Unfortunately will not be released publicly as someone is paying me for it.
  15. Im working on a new State police building for a customer. How does it look so far?


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