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  1. Could you be more specific please? When you just say it's "too hard," that doesn't give us anything close to an idea on what you're stuck on. If I were to give you 100 tips right now based on that information, MAYBE 2 or 3 of them would be helpful and/or relevant to what you need. So let me ask you this. What bit or bits of it are you stuck on? Modelling, Positioning (The position of the character, where the arms and legs are located, the pose and such), the actually Graphic design side of it, etc. However, everyone has different opinions on what is basic and what isn't, so if we know what you can do and what you're having trouble with, it will allow us to give better advice. Thus, once you have that written down, I can possibly help you out. EDIT: I read it again and let me say one thing real quick - YouTube is your friend here. it'll be the best place to start in my opinion.
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