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  1. Seems good! Definitely worth it, but I currently don’t need UI.
  2. T_ommyz

    YouTube Editing

    Video Editor- I am looking for a video editor to edit my clips together and make them look amazing. Every YouTuber has a specific style that they like there YouTube Editors to make/use, and mine is a more bubbly/font and fun family-friendly content. Within working for me, you will have to use a video editor that makes videos clear, with no watermark and a high resolution, that is very important as viewers don't want to watch a video with a company's logo and pixel-ated, content has a pretty specific ask for. You will be payed a percentage of the funds I earn when making these videos, t
  3. Hey! Not only have I played this game in the past, but I think we can make the quality go way up then it currently is, haha. I've been 3d modeling and building for about 5 years now. T_ommyz#5665
  4. T_ommyz

    Builder Hiring

    Might consider.
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