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    Devs Needed

    Hello, I need some Roblox devs that can make low Polly things, And make custom starter characters with constraints something like ragdoll. I dont want to copy the user Rdite, but what you see is just the idea of what I want not an 100% copy. this is just to show what type of starter character with that type of constraints that flop around. I also need someone who is good with making custom weapons I am not good at doing this only when its the default character but I want to make it be able to hold a weapon with the custom starter character. I am only good and basic building, Basic Scripting. So I really need help. I wish I could pay you if you will help and because I am poor on money to get robux because I have to pay for food during school. I hope the game dose well so I can pay my builders and be able to afford the books I need. Thanks, If you wish to help please add me on Roblox, My username is Mr_NoobPerson108 Thank you for taking the time to read this
  2. Hello, I'm Mr.Noob And I Am A Roblox Developer And I Need Help I Need A Team Of People Who Can Make Low Polly Things, Make Custom Starter Characters With Constants, And Some One Who Can Script More Complex Things, All I Know How To Do Is Build And Script Basic Stuff, Now I Want The Starter Characters To be like the GIF, But not A Copy Of It that's Just the idea of what I want, I want some thing like that with constraints in the starter character Like Something The Funniest Roblox Developer Rdite, My Roblox User Name Is Mr_Noob108 Please Contact Me There If You Would Like To Help.
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