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  1. Just made some concept art in Autodesk Sketchbook. Not the best. But it’s concept art so it’s not amazing. Thanks! Here is the photo below.


  2. Hi jolyne you are accepted to make a gamermakerstudio logo i will pay 100 RBX. and the due date will be next week :)

    1. Jolyne Cujoh

      Jolyne Cujoh

      Oh! Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Could we reschedule? I am free after the 2020 Election.

  3. Isle is kinda original. I haven’t seen a Isle OG game yet. Bizarre Battlegrounds is just JJEOH. And theme park tycoon is unoriginal. I just suppose that’s ROBLOX.
  4. I like PlayStation because of the games and the overall experience. The VR is better too (Since it only has it.) XBox has no games really. PS4 will always have a place in my heart.
  5. I wish you all the best in this awful time 💚

  6. Hey baby! I can do graphics art for cult or scary mysteries. I need more details though. Whatcha need decals for? We can negotiate the payment based on the job. See my profile for more information. Below are some photos of my work. Bye baby!
  7. Hey honey! Ok well I can do this job when it comes to decals, coloring, etc. I can’t actually model the Stands. For things like Kars it’s easy for me so depending on the details in the job I’ll determine the pay for it. Thanks babe!
  8. Heya babe! I can do a logo for your product/item. Pay is relatively low for this (30-100RBX). If my offer is accepted I will start working. I need a due date though. My Discord is e!#1033. I’ll be inactive though (LOA). Check my profile for more information that you want or need. Have a nice one love!
  9. Hello there! I am not a 3D modeler but I can do decals and artwork for it! My discord will be inactive (LOA) but here it is: e!#1033. We can negotiate payment if this offer is accepted. I’ll have to calculate it. Check my profile for more info. See ya later love!
  10. Do you think 2D artists are better then 3D? Or is it the other way around.
  11. I lost a sketch I took an 3 hours in and had to redo it. 



  12. Don’t only use Blender. Though it works good use other platforms. I work on a iPad and upload my work to my computer and do whatever is needed. If it’s too dark use brighter colors. Too rough? Smooth it out. Detail is important depending on the game ex: Military or Serious FPS(s). Hope I made it easier for you love!
  13. If someone were to do the actual weapon mesh I could do the texture. Sad though. Later love.
  14. Morning I will be a available for projects at 2PM to 6PM.

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