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  1. Hey there everyone. My name is xXMaximumMaxyXxHack on ROBLOX, I can essentially script with any part of the ROBLOX API, I have read as much of the ROBLOX wiki as possible and I have literally made every idea I have come up with (which is to say that goes for building aswell). I have made everything from FPS systems, to Tycoons, to car games, space games, even city games and all from scratch. I work hard and diligently on what i make, and with that I try to have as few bugs as possible (aka 0 bugs). I can script weapons, Plugins, Utility systems, Animations, vehicles, really you name it I could make it. Payment I expect 300 RBX per 2 hours!! my preferred method is Roblox group funds! Contact Contact me at discord atlewismillard2009#8586 See you soon
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