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  1. >> i build mobs! please DM me for more info and commissions are welcome anytime! (unless im busy, that is.) SCARY NIO JIOE#0785 or if halloween is over: joebizarre#0785
  2. hey guys uh i realized i never did the transaction with the guy, so i guess im selling this little cute arctic fox (i rigged it, its fully animate-able.) i accept robux and paypal, you can commission me to animate it too ._.'' dm me if you want about this ye joe https://gyazo.com/5ea6cc42b1298ea70479f7f07d41ba00 <-- rigged showcase
  3. nazar, you can't just say "teach me developing." it's like saying "teach me science" there's many branches of developing, like science modelling, gfx, art, building, scripting, SFX, and more. you choose your own path. or, learn them all.
  4. yeah i agree with scripting. building too, doe.
  5. naruto or beastars... im not a furry, but if you havent yall really should check out beastars, furry or not
  6. this is a bit of a late reply(sorry) but looks pretty neat! my feedback is that the skateboard seems a bit too off the edge, perhaps have the backwheels on the top part of the ramp, and have the girl's left leg further up the ramp ?
  7. dragonfruit.. most people think its too underwhelming and expensive, but i love it's little mellow taste, and some of them are super duper goooddd
  8. i'm not sure if i'm the first person to discover this or something, but i found out how to make ROBLOX 3D. so basically i had this concept a few weeks ago while trying to fall asleep about a 3D game, like it pops out of the screen; and just today i decided to try it. aight so, you have to put 3D glasses on to see this a friend tested it for me since he had 3D glasses, and he says it popped out of the screen for him 0_0 i feel like people could use their creativity to do so much with it, but i want to try and experiment with this even further. so i want to try and find out h
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