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  1. I'm looking for the best price. I'm not sure about the amount of robux that this will cost. Anyways, I want someone to help me script for my game, making it so that the player will Punch when the player presses "R" or something... I already have the animations for Left/Right Punch, and I just need someone to help me make it so that the punches will inflict damage on other players as well as NPCs in the game. Not only that, I want it so that every kill will add to your kill count, which is a leaderstat. I usually pay after the work is done. Contact me via Discord @saltydumpling#7807 if you are interested. I may not accept your offer of working until I find a price that seems reasonable/cheap.
  2. Hi, friend! I'm saltyasiandumpling and I'm interested in your work. You want work to do? Alright then HMU friend me saltyasiandumpling
  3. I would like someone to help with making an InventorySave script. I have a game where once you hit a certain strength value, your tool will be replaced with a newer tool. I want this InventorySave script to save your inventory once you leave the game, and come back. I am planning to pay in robux, prices will be talked about later. Contact me cowfart#9991 My roblox username is saltyasiandumpling.
  4. Task:I have a script that I need for my game. I want it so that once you hit a certain Strength value, the tool in your invventory will be replaced with a better tool. For more information, contact me via Discord, cowfart#9991Payment:Negotiable, but I am deciding to pay somewhere around 100-150 robux.Due date: (29/02/20)No due date, but preferably by the end of February. Obviously, it would be better if it was done before.
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