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  1. Bro I dont publish games i just build

    My First Time in this website


  2. I like this it looks well built.
  3. I really like that one.
  4. Reply with any ideas here!
  5. Hello Hidden developers! Powerbuby here. What is Patreon? Patreon is a monthly subscription service in which Hidden developers use to help fund for the server to keep it operating and for it to be able to continue and grow. When paying for the subscriptions you receive a role and other benefits within the discord. How much is it? The price is between two different packages: Standard Package $5 a month Premium Package $10 a month To subscribe visit: https://www.patreon.com/HiddenDevs/membership We need your ideas! We have deiced to turn to you the public! Yes we are look for ideas in which you believe should be included when subscribing. Things that will encourage yourself or others to subscribe. The reason we would like to do this is because we feel the befits are limited to what you Patreon subscribers are providing the community. With out you subscribers the community struggles to run and grow. So we are asking you to list some ideas you personally believe would help the community grow down bellow all ideas will be taken into consideration. WARNING Please remember to be mature about this please do not post inappropriate or NSFW suggestion as this will result in a warning.
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