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About Me

  1. About me Hello there! I am I_lovejava and I specialize in building modern Airports, modern and realistic office buildings, hotels/resorts, and I also have some experience in scripting and ui design. I have been developing for Ro-Aviation for the past 2 years, and would like to sell one of my Airports. I am also a former Head of Developers of Flyjapan, Former Developer of United Expeditions, and the CEO of FlyGreen Airlines. Information I am selling my most recent project, Raijin International Airport, which includes (All Original Hand-made) Check In, 2 Terminals, Lounge w/ Dinin
  2. Selling Cafe Build I did for someone but he never buy it 1. Small cafe Price: 700-1k robux group funds only https://www.roblox.com/games/4666702302/Fazohss-Place-Number-26 2. Normal size cafe Not full done if you like it and you thinking to buy lmk I will complete it. Price: 1.5-2k robux group funds https://www.roblox.com/games/4714466439/Fazohss-Place-Number-34 Contact me Roblox: Fazohs Discord: yessss#6969
  3. Discord - triied#6036 SCPF Hallway Design Build. Don't exactly know how much to price it, so just DM me on Discord and we can discuss the price. Price - Negotiable Showcase - https://www.roblox.com/games/4651757530/Wall-Design-Showcase
  4. Xemeus

    Selling Maps!

    Xemeus#4172 Selling a series of maps, Message me and I will see if I have the map you need in stock. Payment will need to be upwards of 1,000 R$
  5. price : 12k selling due to old buyers bailing yet again beautiful spawn furnished not scripted and no machines merch building across from it group funds only contact #1624 on discord for more pictures or the game itself
  6. Hi, Discord - cutekittens09#2474 Roblox - BlueCooSkies I'm selling this urban-style cafe. There's a set of functional cafe machines and a functional elevator. There is an upstairs meeting room also. It's relatively small. Photos: Game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/4811010575/Cafe-Build-For-Sale The price is 2k Robux.
  7. I'm selling a medieval styled lobby for 1,500 Robux (group funds only) Contact me via Discord: DJCreeper167#0103 Have a nice day!
  8. Discord - Baro#6397 Roblox - K1mK1I'm selling a medieval hut.Medieval hut:https://www.roblox.com/games/3441505938/Showcase1 Price: I'm selling this for 500-1000 Robux.
  9. Hi! I'm Astically1! I am a builder that has been building for over 3 years. To start off, I want to give back by starting my simple service. Prices below! ONE BUILD - 250 ROBUX TWO BUILDS - 500 ROBUX THREE BUILDS - 750 ROBUX EXTRA 250 EVERY ONE AFTER One of my low poly builds: Message me at bin#0001
  10. Discord - Basir#9999 Roblox - GuapinDevI am selling hangouts, homestores and more, For more information message me in discord. Pictures will be shown.The price of a build can be 5 - 15k
  11. low poly build for sale. price is negotiable. colors can be changed. isaac#1624
  12. I have been looking for a cafe build job, here is some of my work. Keep in mind this is a old build and I can do much better :D I will give a quote for pricing.
  13. I have a cafe or restaurant I would like to sell for 8K+ Here are some pictures! If you need more screenshots let me know! My discord is kfc#8093 < best way to contact me.
  14. Guest

    Selling Builds

    Discord - Basir#9999 Roblox - GuapinDevI am selling hangouts, homestores and more, For more information message me in discord. Pictures will be shown.The price of a build can be 5 - 15k
  15. Discord - Basir#9999 Roblox - GuapinDevI am selling hangouts, homestores and more, For more information message me in discord. Pictures will be shown.The price of a build can be 5 - 15k
  16. DM me on discord at Logizt#9518 A modern café I want to get rid of, needs a little bit of fixing but otherwise ok.
  17. Contact Information: Discord: ecoszns#2988 Game Link: https://web.roblox.com/games/4755986325/ecosznss-Place-Number-98 Price: 1.5k + (negotiable)
  18. Hai, Im looking for projects to do for / with people to enhance my building skills and gain past projects to show for in the future. Im not expecting pay but if you wish too then it is very much accepted. My disc is : Dream Reaper#7907, if you want to see some past work let me know.
  19. Contact Information: Discord - Geldmarkt#5954 Price: 450 - 500 Robux - Negotiable. Model Details:
  20. JimmyC

    Las Vegas Game

    Selling a Las Vegas game, please contact me via my discord. JimmyC#0051
  21. Licksaw

    Selling Maps!

    I'm licksaw23. I am selling a Gettysburg map for 5k. I am selling an antisploit for 3k. Contact me on discord, Licksaw#4656 Thanks!
  22. Licksaw

    Selling Maps!

    Hi, I am Licksaw, better known as licksaw23 on the ROBLOX platform. Today I will be selling 2 maps, Imperial Lothal (10k because it has scripts too), and Gettysburg (5k, map size is pretty large but no scripts). These maps work good and they are pretty big. Lighting and things are only on Lothal, because, as stated, it has scripts. Gettysburg has no scripts because its a showcase. Interested? DM me Licksaw#4656
  23. Price: 7000 robux Created by me and my friend Discord: Night Rider ^_^#5029
  24. Discord - @denu11#5130Twitter - @denu11RRoblox - denu11 I don't do anything in particular, but here are some images of parts of my recent builds. (no free models used.) PS. scripting showcased here isn't done by me. also not everything may be finished, such as the robot-shopkeeper. picture 4 is just a few weapons I made
  25. I can build anything you want me to Build Payment: depend on the work and details I will discuss it in discord Discord: yessss#1411 Builds examples
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