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Found 35 results

  1. I am a early dev that is currently working on a game called "Monster Truck Simulator" We have one scripter already, we just need someone to make our game Icon and make a GUI shop in the game that includes: Speed Boosts and Buy cash or Money. We are nearly to the finish, here is the game page: https://web.roblox.com/games/4687193000/Monster-Truck-Simulator?refPageId=9f69dfaa-58f7-49c2-9400-5f2e3063ca7b | If any other people want to help including: Builders, Modelers, Animators, and other scripters, that would be great! For more in for join my discord server chat server: Job-Applications, Code: GGf46vq Current Scripter: arsenalproggggg
  2. Sorry to be so cheap, but this game literally has no budget and we are looking for someone to help with the art! This game is a story game based in a remote snow military base. The game is almost done with a few things to finish! Things you will get by contributing! - Credit - Early Access - All In-Game Items for free - And a possible pay! (This is unlikely but I will try to pay you if I ever do get ROBUX) Here is the type of art styles im looking for. If your willing to help please dm me on discord: DrShockz#6750 Again sorry for no pay I literally have 1 robux.
  3. Hello there PlugLxrd here! I am going to be hiring a GFX Designer for a roleplaying game like Rocitizens or Bloxburg. Contact Information Discord - @PlugLxrd#0076 Roblox: - PlugLxrd Task: Looking for a GFX Designer who can make a roleplaying game and I would prefer if you had experience. Payment: Up to 500 robux Due Date: 01/01/2019
  4. Guest

    SCPF Logos

    Hello I own a small SCPF group and am looking for the production of High Quality SCPF logos. You can add me on discord or contact me through the Hidden Developers discord server. When you message me please be prepared to send past work and any other logos you have created. upon hire I would prefer you to stick with our group and help us out in the future if your work is something that makes our group unique and shine. We currently have a logo but are looking for a better and more unique one. Please contact me as soon as you get the chance thanks. Group Link :https://www.roblox.com/groups/4755211/SCPF-l-l-Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation#!/affiliates Discord: https://discord.gg/faKeujQ Requirements: Needs to know about the SCPF Genre Needs to know how a SCPF works Needs to know how to make SCPF logos
  5. I will make you any thumbnail or logo for your game. I have put a thumbnail showing the prices that you will have to pay for the thing that you want to buy. I've also added some other pictures showing my past work.
  6. Im thinking in making a jojo game, but i dont got robux for hire someone so i you want join u dont will get paid first. I need a: Scripter Gui maker (I already got a molder make but if u are one and experencied u can join) All wil be paid as %. (contact me with discord)
  7. Contact Information Discord: Rvbelz#6436 Roblox: Rvbelz What I'm selling: Selling high quality original GFXs, for cheap prices. Prices may differ, depending on quality. Example of what I'm selling: Price: Selling for 150-300 robux.
  8. Hello! I am a professional Roblox GFX designer, who has been designing and editing Roblox GFXs for almost four years now. I have worked with many Roblox games and groups to create high quality, professional-grade graphics to help their games grow and succeed. My GFXs are: Low Priced (40-100 R$) Professional Quality (4+ years experience) HD (720-1080p) 1-2 Day Delivery Unlimited Revisions All prices are negotiable Prices (in Robux) Logo/Icon (512x512) - 35-50 R$ Game Thumbnail (1920x1080) - 65-75 R$ Custom Design (banner ads, general ads, rectangle ads, promo posters) - 100-200 R$ Contact Information Feel free to contact me if you have any lingering questions or concerns! I love talking to people, and would be overjoyed to start an offer with you! ROBLOX USERNAME = TYLERDBENZ DISCORD USERNAME AND TAG = TylerDBenz#4435 I have attached some images of my previous work, and I would be overjoyed to send you more.
  9. Hello, I'm Peter, I'm doing high quality Roblox GFX. Dm me on discord if you're interested. Prices: Thumbnail - 10-15 $ 2-3K Robux Logo - 5-10 $ 1k-2k Robux Advertisements (pack 3 ads) - 5 $ 1,5K Robux Contact: Discord - ThePeterOne#8379 Some of my works: (if you want to see more examples dm me)
  10. Hi, my name is Casper and i'm selling high quality Roblox GFX. Contact: Discord - Kacpero#3502 Roblox - Kacpherek Prices: Thumbnail : 10-15$ || 2-3K R$ Icon : 5-10$ || 1K-2K R$ Advertisement: 10-12$ || 1,5K-2K R$ A few examples:
  11. Guest

    Signature Hiring

    Contact Information Discord - @Abtrax#6108 Task: Looking for a skilled artist to make me a signature(must show previous work) Payment: 50-100 robux (t-shirt) Due Date: 1 of 2 days after
  12. Hiring Builder and GFX Artist! Info Are you a Builder or GFX Artist? Then I need you for my new Simulator coming soon! Its called Weight Lifting Simulator X. And its not one of those standards, no. Its a futuristic one! Game https://web.roblox.com/games/3829236873/Weight-Lifting-Simulator-X-Alpha Payment I would like it if it could be done in percentage via group funds and we can figure out together how much percent in robux. Contact Are you interested in building or making GFX's for me? Then contact me on: Discord: HystericalBinky#6058 Twitter: @BinkyHysterical Or just via this post. :D Thanks for reading and I hope I will see you in this simulator!
  13. Task: make a primary group and also departmental logos for an SCP Foundation group. Total of 10 logos would be purchased. Example of an SCP logo provided with this post. Payment: Payment in preferably R$, around 300-500 R$ per logo. Will pay in USD if preferred. Due date: Anytime reasonable, within 3 weeks of initiating discussion. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD: Visc#9998 or ROBLOX: Visceraled
  14. Hello, I'm birazzo and I have been making logos for 1 year and I have been lua scripting for 3 months so I only know basic scripts (Like chat controlled door, leaderstats, trails,) Contact Information Discord - birazzo#7122 Prices: 15R$ for scripting, 15R$ for logo. (If the logo is easy to make, I can lower the price, If the logo is hard to make, I can increase the price but not really high.
  15. eackerman1

    GFX for sale!

    Examples are bellow of stuff I have made. I charge 250 robux to 3K robux. I do blender, I will also edit. Just tell me what you want me to do in the replies I will give you a quote. I will get give all responses within 7 days normally 3 days. These are examples I can do a lot more just ask and explain in detail what you want. Also I will never charge 3K that's in case its extremely complicated, If its a huge thing I will charge higher. Most will cost 500-1000 robux. I accept in group funds, Roblox gift cards, and shirt pay (I make a shirt for the price and you buy it) you must pay me first before I start because of scams. I will only refund if I am unable to do it and you have paid me. Tax not included on all purchases.
  16. I need GFX Logos for my Cafe Group and it's games. I need 6 GFX's done for my group, and will pay any reasonable price for them, based on quality. I need one for each of the following.. Interview Center, Training Center, Application Center, Rank Management Center, Event Center, and the Cafe. I also need a Group Icon/Logo. If your interested, please tell me below and friend/DM my discord. Discord - Ghosty#1370
  17. I make all kinds clothing, GFX and builds. Contact me about any job you want done. My examples are shown below. Please only contact me on Discord, I will not accept random friend requests but my dms are fully open. Price heavily depends on what you want, I can't give a price without you telling me what you want made.
  18. Guest


    Template for Hiring Contact Information Discord -Mixqse#6329 Roblox: -Mixqse Task: Looking for a GFX designer to make an icon and channel art fro youtube Payment: Discuss on Discord
  19. Selling custom made Police,Fire,EMS,Etc. vehicle textures! Contact me on discord for inquiries - Fletch_#9528 Prices vary on amount of detail in textures, average prices run between 50R$ - 200R$
  20. Salutations, I am a UI designer for hire. All of my prices are negotiable. Prices: All are negotiable CONTACT ME: ecoszns#2988 Here are some of my work pieces below.
  21. Hello, I main on graphics and can do short term on building. Hello, I am Minute but you can call me Olmav. I am offering graphics and building services, I always try my best to complete them to my maximum potential and to the best timing although sometimes it might take a while regarding the task. My prices are not fixed, so they are negotiable although I am not taking any revenue or % of any future games in the making. I am only taking upfront payments. If you have any questions about anything, my dms are open so feel free to message me about anything and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I am on! GFX: My gfx services have been running for approximately 1 year, I have been designing shirts, chains, icons, advertisements, thumbnails etc. Although I have just gotten a new pc so most of my work has been gone since then. I am always open to new suggestions and you can let me know about anything you need, here is what I design. Icons: Icons will be 350R$ and will be similar to the picture shown, for this you must specify what you need using a template which will be provided if you decide to buy. As I said I am open to new suggestions and will try to take on any idea you would like / have/ Advertisements: Advertisements will be 600R$ and a render will be optional. If selected the render will have HD quality and will have glares. Prices are negotiable and dependant on what you want, a similar template will be provided for you to fill out. Thumbnails: These thumbnails are for games and my speciality are having renders on them although if you do not want renders I can also do that too. The thumbnails will be 750R$ and are also dependant on what you need done. Builds: I most like to take on small jobs due to my builds being detailed within them, I like to focus on minimal piece of work so that it can be perfected. Build prices range and go up to 5k depending on what you need. Icons - 350R$ Advertisements - 600R$ Thumbnails - 750R$ Builds - 300 - 5kR$
  22. Guest

    I need graphics for a golfing game

    I need Graphics for a Game called Golfing. It needs to be detailed. DM my discord if you are intrested. We can talk prices later.
  23. Contact Information Discord - ecoszns#2988 Task: Salutations, I am looking for a skilled GFX designer to design us five Spring Gfxs! Dm me on Discord for more information. *MUST BE 13 OR OLDER** Payment: 100 per GFX, no price changing. Due Date: Before Spring.
  24. Hello! I am on my way to build a group called "Robloxian Parcel Service" which will eventually be a simulator themed right off of UPS. A simulator (Roblox friendly) that will be fun, interactive and community developing. With that, I need a scripter (paid of course) that will be willing to partner up with me! I am in need of someone who is experienced / advanced! I build myself; however, I work specifically with actual buildings and structures. Most of the building will be done by myself! I also will be needing anyone with the following expertise! Graphic Design Car/Truck Modeling Builders IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER SKILL THAT COULD HELP DEVELOP THE GAME PLEASE DM ME ALSO! PAYMENT OPPORTUNITIES include but are not limited to the following: PayPal USD Robux Game Credits Group Permissions / Rank Privledges If you are interested: DM me @Arcane_Dev#5445 on DISCORD. Thanks in advance, Dev_Jaguar | Builder Happy New Years!
  25. I'm hiring one design expert to create detailed blueprints for upcoming projects. Might hire 2 (one for the exterior, one for the interior) Must be able to create beautiful and clear layouts/blueprints acting as a "wireframe" for the developers. Will be paid in robux for each job done and may possibly be brought onto the development team with our internship program. I'm secondly hiring one terrain artist who specializes in landscaping. Must be able to create realistic, rivers, mountains, basically the whole exterior terrain/landscape for upcoming projects. Work must be highly realistic and detailed. Will be paid in robux for each job done, and also may be brought onto the development team with our internship program. I am thirdly hiring three design-savvy builders who will work as Interns in the development team. Work must be highly detailed and suit the contemporary/modern design this foundation goes for. Mainly will design rooms, hallways and building elements of our facilities. Will be paid based off participation and skill. I lastly need a scripter to either share/modify or make a custom admin. Must be able to automatically admin/mod users depending on their rank and have an extremely nice user interface/general design. Must have all the basic commands + stuff like giving tools, setmessage, etc. Lots of open development positions, we don't hire devs often so this is a chance to be a part of our development team. DM me a formatted, detailed portfolio including your ROBLOX profile, and multiple examples of your best work. If you DM me "I want to be an intern" without straight away including your full portfolio of examples, you will be ignored. Discord: Swift#3113 Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4272948/S-C-P-F#!/about
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