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Found 11 results

  1. Selling pack for 10K Robux or $35 Paypal Smoothie Bowls, Smoothies, Milk tea, Latte, Hot Coffee Bagels: Cheese, Blueberry, Raisin, Cherry Vanilla Sandwich: Breakfast (Bacon and Egg) , Ham and Cheese, Vegan Contact: Discord Hawk#8404
  2. Hey everyone! I’m the owner of an upcoming game called Outbreak. So far the builds for the tutorial is basically done and that’s pretty much it so far. We expect the game with an active development team to be done in a few months. We are paying 5-20% depending on your job. If you are interested DM me on discord! ZackDaBoi#6358 Here’s the game: Outbreak is a game which consists of a fe game modes and the main one being the main storyline. In this main. Storyline game mode there will be a few chapters (only one will be released in beta.) in this there has been a virus outbreak in a facility but it has not breached the facility yet and you have to stop it before it can break out. You do this by following the main NPCs quests line who’s name is Agent-X (can be changed.) While doing these quests you will be rewarded with items to help you along the way. There will also be side NPCs quest lines which you can do to gain more items like weapons, armor, pets, etc. Pets will be “mini-viruses” that follow above your head and will give you an effect like speed, faster shooting, etc. The first chapters ending is that agent-x was the one who released the virus and the virus controls him and turns him in to a massive boss. Then after that there are two endings, one that he kills you but it just brings you to the checkpoint before you go in to the start area and the other if you kill him you celebrate but then in a cut scene you see the virus go through an air shaft or something and escape. That will lead in to the second chapter. The other game does will consist of wave defense where you can level up which gives you access to trading and there will be a thing where you can only trade with people your level to prevent people from just being given OP weapons instantly and you can only trade starting at level 20. These weapons will be used in any game mode. Also for wave defense at wave 100 there will be a seasonal boss which has a chance of dropping a seasonal weapon relating to it. The other game mode as said before is trading and you get the idea of that. Note that a lot do these ideas can be changed, added onto, removed, etc. I have already payed for GFXs and we have the group/discord icon done and the game logo and Thumbnails are on hold until I tell them to make them.
  3. I had happened to stumble upon a few furniture pieces I have created a while back, that i no longer need so I'm selling them I'm looking for 600 robux although the price is negotiable. Contact me via discord @ Zelorious #4874
  4. I am currently looking for 3d modelers and animators that are wanting to help out. For 3d models I will need small little props and some weapons like swords and other melee weapons. For animations I need stuff like flips, rolls, regular animations, etc. I will pay based off of percentage (%) the game makes. We can discuss how much you want to be payed through percentage on discord. Add me if you are interested or want more details. Discord: Zigee#3085
  5. Hello! I am on my way to build a group called "Robloxian Parcel Service" which will eventually be a simulator themed right off of UPS. A simulator (Roblox friendly) that will be fun, interactive and community developing. With that, I need a scripter (paid of course) that will be willing to partner up with me! I am in need of someone who is experienced / advanced! I build myself; however, I work specifically with actual buildings and structures. Most of the building will be done by myself! I also will be needing anyone with the following expertise! Graphic Design Car/Truck Modeling Builders IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER SKILL THAT COULD HELP DEVELOP THE GAME PLEASE DM ME ALSO! PAYMENT OPPORTUNITIES include but are not limited to the following: PayPal USD Robux Game Credits Group Permissions / Rank Privledges If you are interested: DM me @Arcane_Dev#5445 on DISCORD. Thanks in advance, Dev_Jaguar | Builder Happy New Years!
  6. Hiring modelers, builders, and scriptures for an upcoming dieselpunk city showcase. I'm going for that mid 60s - 70s atmospheric industrial vibe, just to put it into perspective I'll put up a picture of something similar to dieselpunk and the general idea I'm going for. It's going to be a large scale project with around 4 - 5 developers. Professionalism is mandatory, and this is going to be build with showcase detail, what is showcase detail you may ask? https://www.roblox.com/games/2043427487/Origins-Chapter-1 Something like to that. Although there is not a definite time limit or due date, finishing your work as soon as possible would be preferred, this is not 100% mandatory and I still want to allow my developers enough time to work comfortably with, and put as much detail and hard work into the map as possible, once the map is done it will be sold to other large groups for upwards of 30k Robux which will be shared equally among the developers. Message me for inquiries @Error1x11x on twitter, or Error1x11x1x11x1x11x#1373 on discord. Let me know if you're interested!
  7. iiAtheticDii


    Hiring Advanced meshmaker, particle maker and scripter. Person must have all of the skills above! Paying 8-10k to make reference provided. *
  8. Hello, Im looking for 2-3 skilled 3D modelers to model cars quickly from scratch. You will be working along side a team of other various devs. We already have a decent fan-base even though our game isn't fully released. Payments can vary depending on skill and how quickly you make the cars; I do offer USD as payments too (earned through DevEx) Contact me on discord: FluentLua #1993
  9. Contact Information Twitter - @Kiyo_3999 Discord - Kiyo#3999 Role I'm looking for - 2 Modelers/Builders that can create a medieval setting, character items like Armor - 1 Scripter with knowledge of Camera manipulation, Animations, and Datastores Game Information Gamemodes like 1v1, 2v2, or Conquest, where the players are on teams and try to win the match in a medieval setting. More info on the trello Rewards (95/X)%, where X is the number of helpers on the project for payment based on Game Revenue. 5% goes to the group funds. Discord Role in KoR for "Kiyo Int. Developer" All In-Game gamepasses and Developer Only products. Links Discord ~ https://discord.gg/qkQASd9 Trello ~ https://trello.com/b/Au9Xmhn2/summerland
  10. Discord - WaterrBuckett#8271 Server: https://discord.gg/FAVrmJg Twitter: - https://twitter.com/Alwaysgoods_ Roblox: - WaterrBuckett Hello, I am WaterrBuckett. I own a development group called "Sea Side Studios" and I need help. I am a great builder, and I have the maps covered. I am making a first-person shooter. What I want is great visual and sound effects. I am looking into having multiple classes, an interactive map(destroyable windows, walls), multiple game modes, and UI design, great animation, and great models(player models and weapons), as well as a database. I will need someone who would rate themselves at least 7/10. 1 being brand new, and 10 being able to make games outside of ROBLOX. If you're a scripter, I need someone who knows and completely understands the language and has the knowledge needed for a FPS. I need all developers to be 13+, mature, motivated, and able to work with a team. Last, but not least, I need developers who will stay in the team after pre-alpha release for future updates and maintenance. If you are interested, contact me for more details, and bring some of your work. Builder [3/3] Scripter [0/1] Graphic Designer [0/1] Animator [0/1] Model Creator [0/1] Sound Effects [0/1] Payment The Scripter will get a starting pay of 50% group revenue. SFX, GFX, and animators will be paid 300 per job. The model creator will get a starting pay of 300 robux and 5% group revenue. Due Date I plan to release a pre-alpha version within 1 - 2 months. Current works:
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