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Basic UI Scripting Tutorial

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Hello! I'm SimplifiedCode! back at it again with another tutorial. Today we will be doing basic UI scripting with Filtering Enabled! Let's get started!

First, let's make a basic UI in StarterGui:


We put our GUI's in StarterGui because we want the player to get it every time they join!

Now inside the Button, let's make a "Local script":


In this script, write:


script.Parent.Parent.Visible = false


This tells the button that whenever someone clicks on it, it goes away.

What happens if we reset? We get it again! That is because every time you die, your Guis refresh. That's why you reset when something is broken in a game. To fix this, we can do:


script.Parent.Parent.Parent.ResetOnSpawn = false

script.Parent.Parent.Visible = false


This tells the Gui to not reset on spawn or when you rest, and it disables when you click on it.

That concludes this basic tutorial, sorry for being so short, I'll edit this if you have any ideas that you have to add to this. Thanks!

You can get the Gui and scripts from this tutorial here


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