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Suggestion: Add role "GFX"

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Hello! My suggestion is about Add the rank GFX
We have people that are GFX, and people needed for the games, like if a game need a Picture, and the owner don't know how do GFX, He/She can go to Hidden Developers and he/she say ",post", then there is the channel, so he/she say "GFX", then he/she do the steps. 
According Hidden Developers need have rulers.

  • Do not use NSFW with the GFX
  • Cussing with GFX Pictures is illegal, you will be banned from Hidden Developers.
  • Spamming pictures in channel #others you will be banned. If you spam and you leave server, we can get your id discord and ban you from Discord.

📰According of Discord Terms, Administrator of Hidden Developers can change this rulers. Thank you for read my suggestion.

-CNales13, Roblox Developer


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There's already a role in the discord under the name "Graphics Artist." Graphics Artists can do 2D or 3D artwork. We also have the Texture Artist role.

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