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Xbox or PlayStation?

Xbox or PlayStation?  

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  1. 1. Xbox or PlayStation?

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Even though voting is finish (lol) I'm going with PS4. I grew up on the PS2, but after that I coped the Xbox360 because all of my friends had it. After that, I was planning to get the Xbox One, though, all my friends migrated to PS4, and the PS exclusive games really topped it off for me. 

Now I'm too use to PS4's Dualshock controllers to switch back. If I had a beefy PC I would probably move to that since cross-platforming is becoming more common, especially with upcoming games.

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I like both, but I think I'll go with the PlayStation. I like the Xbox because it looks good, but I just feel like PlayStation has more customization options. I also like the PS4 simply because you can plug in the DualShock 4 Controller into my PC. :)

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On 6/13/2019 at 5:25 PM, zachpd03 said:

Which is better? I like Xbox better, far more reliable. 

personally I've had countless issues with Xbox 360, xbox one s and xbox one X (especially when it comes to UI bugs and convenience, and game updates), to the point I gave them away because I couldn't sell them for a decent price, then I bought a PlayStation again.... lol but I've never encountered issues with the PlayStation 3 - 4(besides maybe old age and a fan going out, but that happens to both xbox and PlayStation), plus the lighting on PlayStation is sick.


lets not forget the fact that PlayStations' disc reader doesn't go out after a couple a months. X), this issue practically forced all newer xbox systems to go into 'all digital' pretty early lol.

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Personally, I'd pick Xbox because the controller feels a lot nicer. The UI design they have for Xbox is amazing and extremely user friendly.

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I feel like they both have perks, but I don't tend to buy consoles because I think the fees are a scam.


However, if I had to buy a console, I'd buy an Xbox because I trust Microsoft over Sony.

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