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saving leaderstats using sql

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I really wouldn't recommend saving player's data to third party or self-hosted servers. DatastoreService is made specifically for this and it's more reliable than blindly trusting the third party site to always keep the same address, stay online, etc. If you absolutely want to do this, there are ways to interface with google sheets (if it's a smaller game), and a fairly well made API by trello, so at least you can ensure you're using a reliable source to store data.

That being said, that error isn't actually related to HttpService, but rather InsertService. Make sure the assets you are inserting into your game are public if they're not yours. If they are yours...
If this is a group game, make sure the asset is published by the group, not you.
If this is your private game, make sure the asset is published by the account you are using, not your group or friend. (if it is published by someone else, it has to be public)

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I agree with the last two people, I don't suggest using third - party services to cover your data for multiple games. One way you can achieve this is by using ROBLOX's already built-in API 'DatastoreService'. Or you can use DataStore2 if your going to be handling a lot because you can combine your data to one storage if needed and currently there has been no data losses according to the creator + Bereeza uses this method to handle his games as well. 

I am basically trying to say they're many ways of safely storing players data inside ROBLOX without using third - party services, just give them a try.

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