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How to be a successful Scripter

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To be a roblox scripter, You most watch beginners videos. Before watching advanced or skilled! To be a successful Scripter, You most follow these Directions 
Beginner Scripter Videos
Advanced Scripter Videos
Skilled  Scripter Videos.
In Order to be a Successful Scripter, You must understand what it means, Like, The Functions, Others, That connects to the roblox script, For it to work!
You must keep watching the videos. To keep remembering the Scripts, But one thing to be a Successful scripter, You must not use Free scripts, If your a scripter and working for someone else, And they are giving robuxs for you to script, But your using free scripts. I do not recommended for you guys to do that, You must practice alot, Too be hired. Being hired from a person who gives good paying robuxs/money, You must hurry and become a successful scripter. Because getting good robuxs is a huge worth it deal, If you do that and fake to be a scripter, Then make sure you learn to script, And tell the person next time! I hope this help you!

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