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Hiring Builders and Scripters for Atlantica Hotels and Resorts

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We are hiring builders and scripters, and scripters that are able to Tween (animate) (for a working elevator) for the future Atlantica Hotels and Resorts on Roblox. We need to have a working elevator, [rank]+ only rooms (staff rooms), and a good designed hotel that may attract users (possibly a cylinder shape). 

Payment (R$):

The payment depends on how many people and group funds we have. But earning Robux is very likely ONCE we have enough members and visitors to the hotel. 


If you have Discord, please reply with your Discord tag (including hashtags). DM me for a developing position: (roylilol)#0354

Contact information: 

Roblox: randylilol

Discord: (roylilol)#0354

Twitter: roylilel

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