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Hello, I am Zane, an intern CR for HD.

I am here to bring up a topic I brought up back in 2018. Now that I am in a higher position and more known in the community, I feel as though I can gather more support VS. then. The topic at hand is about HD adding an artist role. As of the moment artist can only really apply for the "Graphics" role for it is the only role that remotely fits their field. However this turns out to be quite misleading and bothersome. When people see someone with the "Graphics" role they assume the person creates GFX in blender or etc. This is a hindrance upon artist, people come to us assuming we do a certain field of work in which we do not. Honestly I get pinged and DM like clock work from people asking for GFX renders/etc and it's a waste of both my time and theirs. I do not see why an artist role would be so problematic to add. We have roles for nearly every specific field even ones such as "Voice actor" which people hardly apply for. Artist should be defined as their own thing separate from graphics so that artist can easily obtain work and be noticed for their talent like anyone else in the server. When I first joined HD and applied for the graphics role, I was declined with this response "Declined, while these are good drawings they aren't what we are looking for for this role.  We are looking for primarily Roblox related GFX." Now yes this is outdated but it still raises a problem of whether or not future app readers would make this same error. I do not believe it would burden the app readers with too much extra work, since jut like the voice actor role there will be less applications for them in particular. Even if the wait time for an artist role was substantially longer, it would beat being stuck with the graphics role. Please support this suggestion and up vote if you are willing. Some may argue this is unnecessary or that graphics properly covers enough but again if you look at the open applications, there are plenty of pretty distinctive roles available so that people have the proper range of things to pick from. IF ANY THING make it a toggle-able role such as texture artist. I have always took a stand to support artist wherever I go for I tend to find that are artist are neglected or forgot in the mix of things. HD should support ALL fields of art respectively. Thank you for anyone whom took time of their day to read this.

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