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So, as most programmers know, the world of coding is expansive (To Say The Least). 

That why I thought, it may be a cool idea to share some tips and trick about coding.

For any New Programmers or even Veteran Programmers.

Now, to my question.

Programmers,  what do you have to say about your experience of the world of code?

Anything you think New or Experienced programers should know?

Please don't be afraid to say anything!


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Phleg is right,


1). The only way to get over learning curves is to experiment as much as you can and as frequently as you can.

2). A bonus is to always keep your knowledge refreshed (Even on things you THINK you remember).

3). Get your knowledge from trustworthy sources... (For example: Don't watch youtube videos of hobbyist and then be like "Thats how i do it".... their code is relevant to their program not yours...)

    3.A). Lets say your making a simple calculator based application, dont go around the internet asking "How to make a calculator?"

             Instead ask about the Functionality, Ask the internet and other sources about how to make a Window, make a TextFeild, make Buttons and how to use math operations etc.

             After you learn about the small snippets of 'functionality' you need, you should be able to think of a way to build the calculator yourself. (AND LEARN FROM IT!)


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