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Moving a Model According To The Plot

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I am trying really hard to find a solid solution as to rotating & moving a model's CFrame according to the player's plot.

So basically this is a sandbox tycoon which involves players placing down items. When the player joins, I want the player's items to shift positions and orientations according to the plot that the player is put onto so that the items are onto the player's plot and not on some random plot.

I believe you can use :Lerp but I have no idea where to start. When I used lerping, it's moving all of the model's CFrame to the plot's CFrame. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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1 hour ago, kinglalu said:

For placement systems, one easy way to to it is to use the placement module, since it handles most of that stuff.


I already handled the placement system. Everything works flawlessly except the part where the model's position and orientation is changed depending on the plot the player is on upon the game startup. 

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3 hours ago, PCDude said:

Your using YXZ for orientation yes? Also, are you using orientation Explicitly from the model or the rotation matrices for the model cframe?

I'm using the orientation from the model

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