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Selling Roblox Lua Lessons

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Hello Dear ,
I am a robloxian just like you! And I can be your private tutor at cheap price and also I will provide Amazing Service.

Q. Want to learn how to script games but don't know where to begin?

Ans. Then I am Perfect for you because I would provide private sessions and even if you don't know anything about coding/programming/scripting , I will teach you!

Q.  Will you provide cheap prices?

Ans. Yes , I am providing cheap prices. Check my Fiverr gig(link) or scroll for more information on pricing.

Q. How do I know if you are trusted and I won't be scammed?

Ans. I have recently got 4 five star ratings with reviews .Also the order will take place on Fiverr that means you can cancel order anytime or contact customer support if you find me scamming etc.

Fiverr Link :- https://www.fiverr.com/s2/6d55ad8c58?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs_Mobile


**__Pricing Information :-__**

15 minutes -> Free Private Lessons

2 Hours -> 5$

3 Hours + Free Resources + Game Review + Basic Roblox Thumbnails +  Extra Time(not necessary) -> 10$

5 Hours + Free Resources + Game Review + Basic Builds/Scripts + Obby Tutorial (included in Extra Time) + Extra Time (more possibility) -> 20$

**__Contact Information:-__**

Discord : BuisnessBoi#7596

Fiverr : BusinessBoi8


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